The Best Publishing Podcasts for 2022

Having the right information and tools will make or break your publishing experience. From hiring the wrong editors to Amazon learning curves, this long, arduous journey can be quite overwhelming. Luckily for you, I’ve compiled a list of the best publishing podcasts from the best experts out there to help you with the do’s and don’ts of publishing.


1. On Good Authority with Anna David 

When listening to On Good Authority, it’s easy to wonder how the host, Anna David, manages to always be in the know when it comes to publishing trends, happenings and key players. Whether she ever sleeps or is just innately in tune with all things publishing, she’s always giving you the best guests, content and insight. From NFTs to selling your book to Hollywood, you’ll learn from the best on how to use your book to bolster your career and passion. Bonus: not only does OGA keep you updated on what’s happening in the publishing world but Anna and her guests are also guaranteed to make you laugh.

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Before the Bestseller with Alex Strathdee

2. Before the Bestseller with Alex Strathdee

One of the things to appreciate about Before the Bestseller is that Alex Strathdee really gives you a sense of who his guests are before you’re told to trust what they have to say about publishing. He starts off every episode asking his guest a childhood story that made them who they are today, and it always makes for some interesting conversation. After that, he has no problem diving right into the meat of publishing and what kind of impact his guests are making in the world with their books. Warning: you’ll walk away with an even bigger reading wish list. And if you need another reason to like Alex, just know that he mails handwritten thank you letters to his guests!

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Self Publishing School with Chandler Bolt

3. Self Publishing School with Chandler Bolt

Self Publishing School is full of inspiring stories of not only successful authors but also people in the publishing industry who watch books they work on become bestsellers all the time. Whether you’re listening to an episode on how to sell $1 million worth of journals and planners or learning how to write a book when you have ADHD, you’ll always picking up tips and tricks from the best of the best. Chandler Bolt brings his guests on to highlight the different avenues and methodologies different thinkers have implemented that have led them to success.

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Self Publishing With Dale

4. Self-Publishing with Dale 

Dale is consistently in the loop with the latest software, tools and trends that can help you navigate where you need to be no matter where you are in the process of publishing. When he’s not comparing software, troubleshooting publishing issues or suggesting the newest thing on the market, he’s teaching you how to build an unstoppable brand. One thing that makes his podcast different is that he talks openly about the mistakes that authors can make in self-publishing and how to either pivot away from them—or avoid them at all costs.

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5. Write the Damn Book Already with Elizabeth Lyons

Only have 10-15 minutes to dedicate to learning the publishing world? Perfect. Elizabeth Lyons will quickly become your best friend. In her new podcast, Write the Damn Book Already, she gets straight to the point with short episodes that disillusion the infamous traditional publishing world, breakdown the misconceptions of self publishing and provide invaluable strategies for launching your book on your own (well, with the right help). In her own words, she’s there to “help you untangle the process by untangling yourself.”

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Studies show that 81% of people feel they have a book in them. If you’re one of them, these shows will help you make that dream a reality.

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