Ironically the best “gig” I ever saw in my lifetime wasn’t in person but it sure as heck felt like it. It was the concert that Whitney Houston gave  to the soldiers back in the late ’80s. Its ironic because it’s as relevant now as it was then. Especially since most of our fave memorable times have been captured by our iPhones. I have not been so enamored and captured by a performer since I witnessed this footage. Whitney embodied what we call the “IT” factor. Not only her voice which has the power to stop time but her presence, grace, class, essence, all the way down to her infectious smile,  I can confidently say changed everyone that was in that audience that night forever. She knew the art of connecting to an audience. It wasn’t the bells and whistles or the magnitude of production. It was just simply her. She gave us her. She let her gift take full control over that room and it still has the same effect on us now as it did then even through a computer screen. So she is the best I ever saw and that’s far greater than a gig.

V Bozeman’s single “Juicy” is out now.


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