I’ve seen Beyoncé perform a couple of times in concert, but the first one was literally out of this world! I was six years old and she was in Destiny’s Child. I was so little that I had to be held up to be able to see the stage. For being six years old it was a little mind blowing as I was up close and personal in the VIP section at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL.

I was blown away by the clothes, staging and the song transitions. I swear it was magical — the amount of trancelike energy that I saw in the arena was unbelievable and nothing like I had ever experienced before. I had a moment myself where I was so excited I couldn’t even sing along. It was like in that concert video where one girl is crying and beside herself with happiness and awe, and no one else exists except that connection she feels with the band and their lyrics. Well, that was me in a nutshell.


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