“The Best Gig I Ever Saw” is a weekly column that will see us ask a musician to chat about their favorite concert thus far. This week it’s Ken Sorceron of black metal band Abigail Williams…

As far as live concerts go, nothing can really top the first few experiences in my opinion. After seeing literally thousands of shows, I can say that the one that had the most impact was Pantera, White Zombie, and Eyehategod back in 1996 in Phoenix.

For a 16-year-old kid, this show was the most incredible thing I’d ever witnessed in my life at that time. Actually, it was then and there that I decided that this is what I wanted to do with my life, and basically (stupidly, I will add) put all my eggs in one basket to try to make that happen.

I remember I had to sneak out of the house, because I wasn’t allowed to go to concerts or do heavy-metal stuff at the time, which is pretty hilarious to think about now.

I saw on MTV news not too many days before the show that Phil Anselmo was pronounced dead and revived for a bit from an overdose. He talked about it on stage, and I just remember thinking this is incredible. It really did seem like these guys were kings of the world at that time up on stage. Eyehategod was also great, as I was a big fan of “Take As Needed For Pain” at that time.

Abigail Williams plays with ENSIFERUM, Kalmah and Aenimus at 8 p.m. on Friday, November 29 at the Echoplex.

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