Finding the best gifts for your husband this Christmas may seem like a daunting task, especially if he’s already been treating himself as a respite from quarantine malaise, so we’ve created a list of the best gifts for husbands – 2021 edition to account for the uniqueness of this year’s holiday. 

When deciding on a great Christmas gift for your husband, take into account his interests as well as new hobbies that may interest him. This is the strategy I use when deciding on the best gifts for husbands, which is especially helpful when you have a hubby like mine who doesn’t ever know what to put on his list. 

This list isn’t just for husbands either. Whether you’re trying to find a gift for a dad, a gift for a partner or a gift for a boyfriend, this “Best Gifts For Husbands” guide features presents that are uncommon and especially cool. Check it out below! 

The Best Gifts For Husbands – 2021 Edition

Daniel Patrick Sweat Set

Maybe more of a gift for you than for him, this trendy sweat set is soft to the touch and hugs all

The Best Gifts For Husbands

Andre Drummond in his Daniel Patrick set.

the right places. A LA-based luxury streetwear label, Daniel Patrick has the perfect pieces for someone who loves a transitional wardrobe that never goes out of style. The unisex friendly collections offers an intelligent mashup of sportswear and streetwear, which we love for the busy dad or man-on-the-go. 

“Back in 2011 when I was just getting started with the brand, I noticed a shift in menswear,” explains founder Daniel Patrick himself. “For years, a formal dress code reigned supreme, but it was clear to me that men were craving a more relaxed, yet still elevated wardrobe. I realized there was a white space in the market that I could capitalize on, so I drew from my athletic background, love for hip hop and pop culture, and the cities that inspired me, like Los Angeles and New York, to create the first Daniel Patrick designs which married the worlds of luxury and streetwear. Although this was a novel idea at the time, it was quite serendipitous with Instagram taking off and the streetwear boom, both of which really accelerated the business to new heights.  In just-under-ten years since our launch, we’re shipping globally and have cultivated this incredible following from notable celebrities such as Justin and Hailey Bieber, Beyoncé, The Weeknd, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and NBA icons like Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade, James Harden, and Rajon Rondo.” 

The quality itself is reason enough to grab one of these sexy sweat sets for your man, but we also love their ties to the local community as well. 

“Local businesses play such an important role in the Los Angeles community, and it’s more important than ever to support them, especially because many took an unexpected hit after the pandemic,” shares Patrick. “When we were planning to open our flagship store, it was important to us that we were in a location that encouraged and supported these neighboring retailers. Melrose Avenue stood out to us, as it’s a great spot to discover new and existing businesses, ones that we could mutually lift up and grow alongside.” 

We love a local business and a founder that’s chasing their dreams, which makes a piece from Daniel Patrick the top of our list for the best gifts for husbands in 2021. Because a good sweat set is the new suit and tie in this current world of remote work. 

The Best Gifts For Husbands - Mezcal

Ilegal Mezcal, poured legally.

Ilegal Mezcal Joven Tequila

Described as “just damn good mezcal,” Ilegal Mezcal is at the top of our 2021 guide for the best gifts for husbands not just because my own better half is a tequila and mezcal connoisseur, but because we love the story behind it. Also, it really is just damn good mezcal. 

Ilegal is a gracefully balanced mezcal, with a history steeped in notoriety and rebellion. Their infamous origins include smuggling and weeklong parties at Guatemala’s Café No Sé, a clandestine bar and music hub. Each bottle is handcrafted in small batches by fourth-generation mezcaleros, their Joven, Reposado and Añejo mezcals are all made with perfectly ripe, sustainable Espadín agave, which are then double distilled in the Santiago Matatlán Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico. Preserving culture, pushing boundaries and sustainability are all admirable traits to encompass a brand, which makes sipping on our preferred bottle – Joven – all that more delicious. 

“Ilegal is more than just a mezcal brand, we seek to create spaces for communities to come together to affect change for the better,” explains Ilegal Mezcal Global Brand Ambassador, Gilbert Marquez. “For your friends that can’t get enough of mezcal, Ilegal is delicious and artisanal. Our liquid is made ‘Sin Prisa,’ without rush or hurry, and is set apart from other agave spirits—with no celebrities, just damn good mezcal. Ilegal Mezcal is a perfect gift for those who dare to be different, and want what they’re drinking to do the same.”

Meat Gift Boxes From

Know what goes good with a robust mezcal? Meat. 

I don’t know if this is true in the culinary sense of the pairing, but it’s definitely true according to my meat loving husband. I only recently learned that 1-800-Flowers sends out a whole lot more than floral arrangements, and I can’t stop browsing their seemingly endless catalogue of awesome gifts. If you only go to one website to shop, choose this one. Don’t we all love nothing more than a simple shopping experience that takes care of all our best gifts for family? 

I honestly can’t recommend just one thing in this category. I just hope you have more reserve than I do, as I currently debate sending Chicago-Cut Bone-In Ribeye to everyone on my list.  

Gifts For Husbands

AMASS Afterdream

AMASS Afterdream

Afterdream is AMASS’ first product to be launched within the cannabis space. I was lucky enough to be sent a bottle to try and oh man, does it pack a delightful punch! 

Afterdream uses full spectrum cannabis, 3.5 mg THC, 3.5 mg CBD and 3.5 mg Delta-8 per serving and contains 14 natural botanicals inspired by the California coast. We can attest to it’s sunny vibe, with a taste that brings back waves of nostalgia for trips up the Big Sur coast. 

Afterdream blends sunny sumac, sorrel and lemon peel for a bright, tart taste that’s balanced by herbaceous notes of mint and rosemary. AMASS Master Distiller and one of our own personal heroes, Morgan McLachlan, has carefully selected the cannabis-derived terpenes included, blending limonene, beta-myrcene and eucalyptol to complement the spirit’s sophisticated flavor profile.

“AMASS is based in the Los Angeles Arts District, and our portfolio of botanic beverages and personal care products is certainly reflective of our physical environment,” says McLachlan. “From indigenous botanicals like California bay leaf and cascara sagrada to ingredients like hibiscus and lime leaf that celebrate the city’s diverse cultural landscape, the botanicals inside our bottles are an ode to Los Angeles and its rich flora.”

Designed to be sipped on the rocks with a splash of tonic water or in an array of non-alcoholic cocktails, the result is a limb-loosening, mind mellowing sip that mirrors the feeling that comes from drinking a strong cocktail. It’s a creative and fun present that’ll elevate your list of the best gifts for husbands. 

Afterdream is made in California and available at Sweet Flower both online and in all four southern California dispensary locations.

Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint

Martin’s Sauce Bucket 

My husband is a certified grill dad, who likes to spend his weekends by the side of his beloved Traeger. I’m surprising him with Martin’s Sauce Bucket from famed BBQ joint, Martin’s. While this is the gift selected as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things 2018, we are co-opting it as part of our best gifts for husbands and dads in 2021! 

Rooted in the tradition of West Tennessee whole-hog barbecue, Martin’s was founded in 2006 in Nolensville, TN by Pitmaster Pat Martin. Known for low-and-slow cooked barbecue and genuine Southern hospitality, the brand has grown its presence in Tennessee to include six joints around the state, as well as expanded with locations in James Island, SC, Louisville, KY, and Birmingham, AL. In addition to brick-and-mortar restaurants, Martin’s BBQ also has an online store where fans of whole hog can purchase a variety of sauces, rubs, and merchandise.

Elevated Wellness CBD Pain Cream

My husband works in construction, so sustainable, safe and natural pain relief is always an item I’m keeping an eye out for. Since CBD has become legal and hit the mainstream, we’re lucky to be able to reap the benefits of this natural wellness category in multiple ways. However, it should be known that CBD products only work as well as the body’s ability to absorb them. According to experts, most oral products are metabolized by the liver before they ever reach the proper receptors and topical products have to break through many skin barriers to be effective. But, they explain, by employing some common compounding pharmaceutical processes can improve the absorption rate and effectiveness of CBD products.

“As a pharmacist, I have a lot of customers who use CBD for pain relief but tinctures aren’t always the most effective for reaching pain receptors,” says Chris Adlakha, PharmD for Elevated Wellness CBD. “I’m fortunate to have pharmaceutical equipment that lets me produce topical products that are faster acting and more potent, to give them faster relief.”

Elevated Wellness’ Full Spectrum CBD Pain Cream is a must-buy on this list of the best gifts for husbands, as relief and relaxation are priceless gifts for a hardworking man. 

Raw Garden Live Resin Hybrids

If your man is a fan of cannabis, check out Raw Garden Live Resin Hybrids. At the forefront of the intersection of wine, weed & culture, with a disruptive approach to help people rediscover their connection to earth with quality, clean green certified cannabis products.

“We make products grown from our own seeds, and we use only the best Cannabis flowers as the source,” describes the brand. “Our unique harvesting process utilizes a state-of-the-art Cryogenic freezing technique to capture and lock in the whole essence of the Cannabis plant while it is still fresh and alive, before it can dry out and lose any of its natural flavors and aromas. Then we extract the Cannabis oil from the frozen plants to create our patented Raw Garden Live Resin and Refined Live Resin products. And that’s what you inhale – 100% pure Cannabis oil and Cannabis terpenes – absolutely no added flavors, and no additives of any sort. Nothing artificial gets in the way of your enjoyment of Raw Garden.”

The Best Gifts For Husbands Is Always Cheese

“Cheese, please!” – my husband to boards&co.

boards&co. Cheese Board

A gift for you as much as it is for you, the curated cheese boards from boards&co make for a great date night at home! Shipped in a cute little box that’s full of mouth-watering cheeses and snacks, it’s a wonderfully unique addition to our guide for the best gifts for husbands. 

boards&co. works hard to demystify the cheese board for interested tasting novices, endeavoring to make everyone feel comfortable making their own charcuterie boards!. We recommend the Mini Me Collection, but you honestly can’t go wrong with any choice! Each box includes a dossier that includes a welcome letter and pairing info sheet, a quick start guide and variations for composing your board, as well as boards&co.’s signature cheese and flavor profile guides.

Sourse Vitamin Infused Chocolate

Despite my urging, my husband has a hard time remembering to take his vitamins. It just isn’t a priority for him, though I hope someday it will be. I recently came across Sourse’s Vitamin Infused Chocolates, which may just be the perfect solution to helping him stay healthy. 

Sourse is the first vitamin-infused chocolate clinically proven to revitalize the way you look and feel. I can’t wait to add their Mood Bites, infused with saffron and vitamin D3 for a better balanced mood, and Hype Bites, infused with vitamin B21 for energy, focus, and mood, to my husband’s stocking this year! 

Kin Slips

Kin Slips

I’ve written about Kin Slips before and I’m going to keep writing about them again, and again and again. Why? Because they’re truly great, and have become a staple in our life for various occasions, thanks to their wide selection of strains, blends and flavors. 

“Driven by a need for sensible and reliable cannabis products, we worked around the clock researching, designing, and formulating something we feel good introducing into our own lives, something we believed would heighten the way this amazing plant was used in everyday life,” shares the team at Kin Slips. “Every single element of Kin Slips was designed with discretion in mind. Subtly labelled, beautiful pocket-sized packaging, and the simple under-the-tongue method allows for enjoyment anytime, anywhere. Kin Slips are perfect while on the run, at work, or exploring the world.”

My husband loves bringing Kin Slips along on his fishing trips, as they help him reach the peace and zen he’s searching for whilst out on the water. I cannot recommend them enough for your list of the best gifts for husbands. 

Cathead Distillery Limited Edition ‘Tintype’ Old Soul Bourbon

The limited release Tintype Old Soul Bourbon from Cathead Distillery is one of the best gifts for husbands And dads who loves their bourbon. Aged for seven years and bottled at cask strength, Tintype Old Soul Bourbon is uncut and unfiltered just like the blues artist it honors. Named for the vintage style of photography known as ‘tintype’, the bottle features an image celebrating famed blues legend Captain Luke Mayer and is the first edition in the distillery’s new Tintype series.  

Developed by Cathead Co-Founders Richard Patrick and Austin Evans, Tintype Old Soul Bourbon is distilled in Indiana with a high-rye mash bill of 75% Corn, 21% Rye, and 4% Malted Barley and—similar to that of its predecessor, 2021 Small Batch Old Soul Bourbon released this past summer—aged on-site at the Jackson, Mississippi-based distillery. Bottled at a whopping 119.2 proof, this bottle is a testament to what Southern heat and humidity can do for whiskey maturation.  

“We’re super excited about not only this bottle, but all potential releases in the Tintype series,” says Richard Patrick, Co-Founder of Cathead Distillery. “It’s a culmination of our work within the community, live music, and distilling in one bottle. It’s something we’ve been wanting to do for years.” 

Spero CBD Peppermint Tincture 

With a peppermint taste to help hubby get into the holiday spirit, Spero’s CBD Tincture is fast-acting and tastes great, providing much needed relief without any psychoactive effects. 

We love Spero because it’s an innovative CBD company that’s committed to spreading a new standard of CBD wellness by utilizing sustainably produced hemp harvested from farms in the USA for products with zero THC and zero impurities

“CBD is a critical part of my self-care routine,” shares founder Christine Gutlebe. “As we learn more about the endocannabinoid system (ECS), we see the important role it plays in many bodily systems that are critical to overall health. I encourage other parents to try it and to focus on finding the right dose.   More often than not they are surprised by the noticeable benefits of CBD. As parents, we need every tool available to us and CBD is easy and effective.”

If your hubby is a dad, this should be on your list of the best gifts for husbands, especially given the stresses of trying to parent in 2021. 

“Raising children while managing a career can be an incredible load to carry,” agrees Gutlebe. “Our needs are usually last on the list and overtime that takes a toll.   Not sleeping enough and letting stress build up can lead to irritability, poor performance, and even illness.  Spero CBD is among the essential tools I depend on to stay grounded and as calm as possible with three little ones running around.”

This understanding of parent life and needs is why Spero CBD rounds out our list for the best gifts for husbands in 2021.

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