Thanks to @ruhlman and @NancySussan for alerting us to this hilarious product. (Somebody should tell Andy Rooney, if he's still with us, so he can add it to his drawer of ridiculous kitchen gadgets.) If you've ever roasted a chicken at a USC tailgate party, you may have used the beer can method, in which your bird is cooked vertically after having been impaled on an empty beer can. It's a terrific method, a reason to drink more beer — as if you needed one — and a good way to avoid having to buy a wildly expensive rotisserie contraption.

But the whole point of the beer can method is that you just stick your chicken on the can, right? Even Nathan Myhrvold says “it's actually a fantastic way to cook a chicken” (Modernist Cuisine, volume 2, page 109). The man doesn't even have you sous-vide the bird first.

But World Market's Beer Can Chicken Roaster ($3.99) can help you achieve what a simple can cannot. Just install your empty can of Tecate (duly noted) into this gadget, and then put the chicken on top of that. The only thing we can figure is that if you've already consumed a few cases of beer, you may be unable to stand your beer can upright otherwise, much less your chicken. Of course if you're that far gone, you may not be able to stand upright yourself, and should probably not be operating the grill in the first place.

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