The Bangz have released a 'Get Well Soon' video and posted it on their YouTube channel in the wake of the shooting of Ella Ann, one half of the LA jerkin' duo. The group's other member, Sabi, has been updating her Twitter since the event happened last week. According to her Tweets (@thebangz), Ella Ann still hasn't awakened, but her condition has stabilized. The most recent Tweet, published last night: “Just left hospital,Ella is still hanging in there, she has gotten no better or no worse, still hasn't woken up, but her swelling has gone down.”

Below is an account of what happened, from the video just posted.

Korttney Elliott, also known as Ella Ann of the virally popular female group the Bangz, was the innocent victim of a shooting on late Monday evening, September 14.

She was traveling with a male associate through an unfamiliar neighborhood when shots were fired into their vehicle, striking Elliott twice. She is now in stable condition after undergoing three surgeries at a local Los Angeles area hospital.

The troubling news comes on the heals of their infectious single, 'Boys With Tattoos' currently making its way across the internet and various California radio stations in preparation for their untitled album set to be released by VNR/Asylum/Warner Bros. Records later this year. Thanks for your prayers and support!”

Some updates from The Bangz Twitter (from most recent to older):

# Doctors are going to educe Ella into a Coma to relieve the pressure that is currently on her brain… Prayer is needed you guys : (… (Sabi 7:26 PM Sep 18th from web

# Ella is still stable, and still critical as well…but i know she is gonna make it, she is fighting way to hard not to… (Sabi 5:04 PM Sep 18th from web

# what gives another human being the right to try,or to take another life,i don't believe in violence unless its in self defense, its sensless 4:43 PM Sep 18th from web

# she opened the eye that isnt swollen for a second.. but she opened it, im so happy i could cry right now,she is gonna make it! (Sabi 11:07 PM Sep 17th from web

# She opened an eye!10:57 PM Sep 17th from web

# Ella is more active than ever, we jus need her to wake up,wake up sleeping beauty! thankyou 4 everyone's positive energy&prayers (sabi 1:00 AM Sep 17th from web

# Good news,Ella hasn't woken up yet, but she has had movement in her fingers and toes! at this rate she will be up and about in no time( Sabi 3:55 PM Sep 16th from web

# Thank you Latino 96.3, VNR Records, Puma and Warner asylum for your support and love as well 2:55 PM Sep 16th from web

# Thank You to all the fans, friends and family thankyou power 106, U92.7 and all the DJ's, who are supporting us through this difficult time 2:51 PM Sep 16th from web

# Our soldier Ella is still fighting and slowly but surely showing signs that she is improving (Sabi 2:28 PM Sep 16th from web

# Ella has stabilized….She is really fighting you guys….this is wonderful, wonderful (sabi

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