If you're the sort of old school person who loves calligraphy and vellum and has long sought to combine your somewhat Dickensian habit with bacon — because bacon is our current sine qua non — then you can now rest happy. Henry Hargreaves, a Prada model and photographer, has created the bacon alphabet.

Credit: Henry Hargreaves

Credit: Henry Hargreaves

With prop stylist Sarah Guido, Hargreaves fashioned strips of bacon into Old English font uppercase letters, the gorgeous whorls in luxurious bits and pieces of pork belly. Henry VIII would have been proud. As Co. Design learned, Hargreaves and Guido completed the photo shoot over the course of two afternoons, using about 15 pounds of bacon, the leftovers of which were taken home and converted into not bacon clothing but bacon jam.

Hargreaves likes to play with his food, and Co. Design has documented his experiments with eggs and toast mosaics. He doesn't seem to have gravitated towards cupcakes, for which we are grateful. We could suggest ramen, which already looks a bit like cursive in the bottom of the bowl.

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