“This was definitely not CNN country.”

Robert Fisk, writing for the U.K. Independent, goes to mosque in the Northwest frontier town of Ghaziabad: ) . . . and shops for books and T-shirts in Peshawar.

“By failing to act, you are putting Americans at risk.”

Ralph Nader and James Love demand that Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy G. Thompson license Ciprofloxacin for generic production.

Bad medicine produces bad public health.”

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel tells Wall Street Journal readers to chill out and lay off the Cipro: (registration and subscription fee required).

“I burned all my flags protesting something.”

Bob Woodiwiss explains, in Cincinnati City Beat, why he doesn’t, won’t or can’t fly the flag.

“Religion is not the enemy.”

Scholar David F. Forte defends the faiths.

“This is a religious war.”

And Andrew Sullivan condemns them. (Registration required.)

“I would suggest that Americans don’t rely on the FBI.”

Deborah Sontag profiles the falsely accused Dr. Al Bader al-Hazmi, in The New York Times Magazine (registration required).

“Ashes defeat garlands.”

James Wood asks, in the Guardian, whether the fiction of “hysterical realism” can survive the terror.

“Writers do not write what they want, they write what they can.”

And admitted “hysterical realist” Zadie Smith answers him.

“Drugs might taint a prosecution, but it might be worth it.”

The Washington Post’s Walter Pincus reports on what might happen when the FBI runs out of patience in its interrogation of suspects (hint: sodium pentothal is not necessarily torture).

“By the accepted rules of terrorist engagement, the war is long lost. By us.”

John Le Carré, in London’s Sunday Times, on U.S. and U.K.’s “miserable duty” of routing out villains of its own creation.

Operation Enduring Our Freedom To Bomb the Living Fuck Out of You is in the house!!!”

Get Your War On, a comic.

“If pot was legal, it could be monitored.”

Wired News on bioterrorism and the illegal drug supply: Know your dealer.

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