Some people come to L.A. seeking just a sliver of Hollywood success only to toil their entire lives here waiting tables and doing low-pay work as film extras. It's a hard-luck life in this big city.

Except for these college kids, who happened to luck into the greatest movie of 2011!

We know, we know. Bight your knuckles. Swear at the gods. Because these L.A. students happened to get in on the internship of a lifetime:

A Biola University grad was tapped as a production coordinator for the Best Picture-winning film The Artist, which took the trophy home at Sunday's Academy Awards.

The class of '09's Laura Aldridge studied cinema and media arts, with an emphasis in screenwriting, at the La Mirada Christian school.

She recruited three Biola students to help her as interns on the set of The Artist:

Alicia Gaynor, Laurie Stewart, John Tribken and Tiana Amo.

They're undoubtedly updating their resumes this week with: “Production intern, Academy Award-winning film The Artist (Best Picture, February, 2012).”

Wow. College doesn't get much more hands-on than that.

Aldridge says:

It's really exciting to see a movie that is independent and relatively low budget that we put a lot of heart into get this much recognition.

Thank the Lord. Getting a gig on this set was a blessing not even in disguise.

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