The Art and Science of Selling– How AuctusIQ is Revolutionizing the Sales Industry with Dr. Courtney R. McCashland

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Gone are the days of the typical salesperson who relies on scripts and pushy tactics to close a deal. Today, the sales industry is changing, and a new player is emerging as the leader in this transformation – AuctusIQ. Co-founded by Chief of Science & Strategy Dr. Courtney R. McCashland, AuctusIQ is a company that understands what it takes to make rain in today’s turbulent climate. The company’s innovative approach to sales coaching and performance optimization has earned its recognition as one of the most exciting and forward-thinking sales companies in the industry.

The key to AuctusIQ’s success is the company’s unique approach to selling. Instead of relying on stale tactics and aggressive strategies, AuctusIQ assesses sales organizations to teach the sales teams how to apply their natural strengths for sales, to build their critical industry expertise, and develop the selling skills that most contribute to success. This approach is based on the belief that there is both an art and science to high-performance selling, and when aligned uniformly to training and development, it can be measured and replicated for consistent success over time.

A pivotal point in Dr. McCashland’s career was the outcome of three years of research across more than 300 studies with sales organizations where she explored how the unique talents and competencies of sales professionals directly impact actual sales results. In addition to uncovering the profile of the modern seller, Dr. McCashland captured a profound trend and growing gap between the selling competency of the top and bottom-performing sales professionals. For each of the predictive selling competencies measured using the AuctusIQ profiles, the mean scores of high performers have increased, and the mean scores of low performers have decreased.

Interestingly, the data also illustrated that when these sales competencies were measured and coached through training and experience, these competencies proved more critical to sales success than raw sales talent alone. While natural talent still matters, the exciting part of this finding is that there is a lot of room to teach people how to improve their sales success rates through training and coaching.

The application of Dr. McCashland’s discovery enables companies to systemically accelerate business growth by identifying and igniting the best talents and competencies of each person on the team, which sits at the heart of the AuctusIQ mission.  The company is revolutionizing the sales industry through its platform to assess, coach, train, and track the improvement of the selling skills comprising each competency, which science has proven to predict sales success.

It’s not surprising that AuctusIQ’s approach to sales is not only innovative but also effective. The company has a track record of delivering results, and its clients have seen a significant increase in their sales revenue as a result of AuctusIQ’s approach. The company’s focus on the art and science of selling has earned it a reputation as a leader in the industry, and it has become a sought-after partner for companies looking to achieve exponential growth.

The sales industry is evolving, and AuctusIQ is leading the way. By putting the focus on the salesperson’s talent and emphasizing the importance of performance-based competency development, the AuctusIQ solution directly improves pipeline value, quota attainment, win rates, and year-over-year growth. AuctusIQ is revolutionizing the way that sales are made. If you are looking for a sales partner that will deliver results and bring a new approach to the table, look no further than AuctusIQ.

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