Gil Robertson, the acclaimed journalist, author and president of African American Film Critics Association is back on the L.A. Weekly podcast, alongside famed film critic Edward Adams, to announce that their successful AAFCA Podcast is the newest addition to the L.A. Weekly podcast network.

The AAFCA Podcast is hosted by Ed Adams, and highlights the cinematic experience through conversations with leading talent, creatives and filmmakers, as well as leaders from the various communities within the entertainment industry and prominent thought leaders. Recent episodes have welcomed guests such as film hair stylist Camille Friend and film editor Terilyn Shropshire.

The AAFCA actively reviews cinema at-large, with a particular emphasis on films which include the Black experience.

“One thing I decided to do this year was to ask at the end of the interview, ‘How has COVID changed you?’ Some people answered, some people did not, but the answers have been really illuminating and speak towards a really interesting thing about self-reflection and self-growth that I think a lot of people will benefit from and learn a lot about people. I think it’s a very human trait, that when we have adversity, how we overcome it – there are some common things about how we do it and what we respect and what we appreciate,” explains Adams of what to look forward to in this season’s upcoming podcast episodes. “So I think that’s going to be one thing, the other thing is obviously the movements. The Black Lives Matter movement was a big part of 2020 as well, so there’s lots of conversation about being in that space and making sure that voice is heard and how to make that happen.”

Tune in to hear more about this exciting new venture, as well as how to partake in the opportunity to hear from so many voices within the film industry today: Spotify, Apple Podcasts or at Cumulus Los Angeles.

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