The 9 Best Cardboard Cat Homes of 2021

  • Cats love cardboard cat homes because they get comfort and security from private, enclosed spaces where they can observe without being seen.
  • Cardboard cat homes offer a rougher, tree bark-like texture that encourages healthier, non-destructive scratching.
  • With companies facing environmental scrutiny now more than ever, it’s good to know that each of the companies we researched use 100% recyclable materials.

Have you ever bought a toy for your cats off of Amazon and were surprised (and a little disappointed) to find that your cats gravitate more towards the cardboard box the toy came in than the toy itself? It’s no secret that cats love cardboard and there are plenty of reasons why. For one, a standard cardboard box offers cats a private, cozy, and enclosed space where they can observe without being seen. Secondly, cardboard offers the unique property of being a particularly absorbent material, allowing it to retain the scent of its surroundings and its inhabitants. Because cats rely so heavily on their own scent to feel safe, secure, and comfortable, cardboard cat homes enable them to have a space that is both cozy and continuously reminds them of themselves. Lastly, cardboard cat homes offer cats a place to sink their claws into that aren’t your expensive furniture, something all cat owners can get behind.

The companies that we’ve researched took all these properties of cardboard one step further, upgrading your normal, boring Amazon shipping box for cuter and more visually appealing additions to your home. All of these options offer a lightweight, easy-to-assemble, and aesthetically pleasing alternative to bulky cat towers and simple cardboard boxes.

The ranking is:
1. Cardboard Cat Homes — Cat Mansion

  1. Pet Craft Supply — Space House
  2. ASPCA — Cat House 
  3. Cardboard Cat Homes — Cat Castle
  4. Cacao Pets — Cat Tank
  5. PETIQUE — Penthouse Cat House
  6. CATBOX — Masterpieces Cat House
  7. Tiger Tough — Tiger Tent
  8. Cardboard Cat Homes – Taj Mahal Cat House

1. Cardboard Cat Homes — Cat Mansion

This massive, two-story Cat Mansion from Cardboard Cat Homes comes equipped with multiple entrances, places to hang toys, and a ramped scratch pad.

What we like: Three openings, super sturdy, easy to assemble, two floors, massive size, scratch pad, holes to hang toys, customizable with your cat’s name

With so many features, it’s easy to be impressed with the Cat Mansion from Cardboard Cat Homes. It may be difficult to tell through just the pictures, but this cat home is massive – sporting two floors, an XL scratcher pad, and enough space for at least two cats. Multiple openings mean that your cat can enter through either of the two side cat-shaped doors or the one leading to the second floor right above the scratcher pad ramp. As if this cardboard house wasn’t enticing enough, each package from Cardboard Cat Homes comes with a packet of catnip that’ll make this Cat Mansion the perfect spot for napping, scratching, and play. This Mansion arrives in ten easy-to-assemble pieces and requires no other tools to put together.

2. Pet Craft Supply — Space House

This simple, spacecraft shaped cardboard cat house has multiple entrances, a scratch pad, and is super easy to assemble. 

What we like:  Low profile, easy to assemble, sturdy, unique design, interior scratch pad

The Pet Craft Supply Space House is your chance to make your kitties feel out-of-this-world comfort and privacy. The Space House has one big opening that your cats can crawl through to enter. Two side windows and a top escape hatch allow cats to peek their heads out to observe, but not be seen. The kit includes a floor scratch pad so that cat owners can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that there won’t be rampant claws in their expensive furniture and the included catnip and silvervine blend make this spot even more cozy and desirable. The Space House comes in five pieces with little Velcro straps that make it super easy to assemble and very sturdy.

3. ASPCA — Cat House 

The ASPCA Cat House features an adorable cottage design, windows, and a scratch pad for ultimate kitten comfort. 

What we like: Simple, easy to assemble, scratch pad, affordable

The ASPCA is one of the leading non-profit organizations dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals, so you might expect them to know a thing or two about what makes cats purr. They hit the nail on the head with their Cat House, upgrading your average cardboard box for this very simple, adorable, and chic New England-style home. Like many other offerings, this Cat House comes with a scratch pad and catnip to turn this cardboard cat house into a very cozy  and hard to leave cat home.

4. Cardboard Cat Homes — Cat Castle

The spacious Cardboard Cat Homes Cat Castle is customizable with your cat’s name, built super sturdy, and comes with enough room to nap both inside and on top. 

What we like: Unique design, super sturdy, lots of room, customizable with your cat’s name

The Cardboard Cat Homes Cat Castle is very popular among the cat-loving Instagram community, and for good reason. Not only does it look good in pictures, it’s also extremely sturdy, able to withstand cats up to 25lbs in size. The little window cutouts are perfect for playing, just dangle a couple of toys outside while your kitty is inside and watch as their little paws swat through the windows to grab at their prize. On top of all this, the most utilized feature of all among existing customers is the customization with their cats’ own names so they can establish their cats as the kings and queens that they truly are.

5. Cacao Pets — Cat Tank

The immaculate Cacao Pets Cat Tank is massive, full of unique features, and includes two openings.

What we like: Unique design, massive size, two openings

The Cacao Pets Cat Tank is an entity in and of itself, boasting a huge profile and massive size. Its unique design makes it particularly appealing to cat owners who want something more than your regular house-shaped cardboard cat homes. One large opening in the front and a hinged top latch make it easy for your feline friends to leave and enter at any time. Unlike the other offerings, however, assembly requires a screwdriver to screw in the many cat-safe plastic screws. Other than that, assembly is very easy and this Cat Tank is sure to be a hit among humans and kitties alike.

6. PETIQUE — Penthouse Cat House

The PETIQUE Penthouse Cat House is a two-tiered structure fitted with scratch pads on every floor surface and multiple places to lounge, play, and nap.

What we like: Two tiers, plenty of scratch pads, room for multiple cats, super sturdy

If you’re looking for a cardboard cat house that’s sturdy, has enough room for multiple cats, won’t cause an eyesore in the corner of your home, and is fitted with more scratch pads than you thought you ever needed, then the PETIQUE Penthouse Cat House is for you. This Penthouse is made of a robust, heavy duty cardboard that can handle the heaviest of kitties. Just like the other offerings, this Penthouse is easy to assemble and is sure to be a hit in your home among your feline friends.

7. CATBOX — Masterpieces Cat House

The CATBOX Masterpieces Cat House is a high-quality cat house with a different work of art on each face, an interior scratch pad, and multiple windows.

What we like: Showcase of different classical art, a scratch pad, multiple windows for easy playtime, sturdy and robust

If you’ve ever looked at your cat and likened him or her to a work of art, then CATBOX’s Masterpieces Cat House might be for you. Each face of this cubic cat home features a different classical art piece, including Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Van Gogh’s Starry Night. The windows on the sides are strategically placed so that when your cats inevitably peek out of them, their faces will replace those of the original subjects of the art pieces. With an included scratch pad, catnip, and super easy assembly, it’s easy to make this accessory your cat’s new favorite spot.

8. Tiger Tough — Tiger Tent

The Tiger Tough Tiger Tent is a sturdy structure with ramped scratch pads and an internal hideout that creates a cozy environment for all cats.

What we like: Two external scratch pads and one internal scratch pad, solid base, space to lounge

While the Tiger Tough Tiger Tent is simple, it provides everything that a feline could possibly need or want. With three external scratch pads and one internal scratch pad, this Tiger Tent has plenty of surfaces to sink claws into so that your cats can give your furniture a break. On top of this, a cozy area gives your fluffy friends a place to sit, lounge, and observe without being bothered. This Tiger Tent is easy to assemble and disassemble, making it easy to take it with you on the go so that you’ll always have something to entertain your furry felines. 

9. Cardboard Cat Homes – Taj Mahal Cat House

The Taj Mahal Cat House from Cardboard Cat Homes brings the majesty of the Taj Mahal to your home, boasting ample internal space, domes that double as a stimulating puzzle for cats, and the option to customize it with your cat’s name.

What we like: Unique and recognizable design, ample space, top domes that double as a puzzle for cats, customizable with your cat’s name, super sturdy

The Taj Mahal Cat House from Cardboard Cat Homes is your own cat-sized version of one of the world’s most magnificent and beautiful monuments. The company boasts a whopping 3.8 cubic feet of internal space, meaning that all cats, big or small, can enjoy this space. Plus, a fun feature that this cat home has over the other offerings is that the domes on top also double as a fun puzzle for cats. Just throw some treats in the gaps and watch as your cat sticks their little paws in to grab at their snacks. As with all of Cardboard Cat Homes’ offerings, the Taj Mahal Cat House is easy to assemble and requires no other tools. Just assemble, sprinkle a little bit of the included catnip, and play.

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