Cameron Lewis on Achieving Famed Work-Life Balance

Cam Lewis 4

With only 24 hours in one day, it can be tricky to balance and find time for everything, but as traveling dentist Cameron Lewis explains, the first step is to find a job you love doing.

 “We all know that saying, ‘Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life,'” says Lewis.

Cameron Lewis is a talented entrepreneur and one of the best oral maxillofacial surgeons in the States, and he loves his job. Especially as he knew that his destiny was to become a doctor ever since he was a 12-year-old kid. Back then, he didn’t know what kind of doctor he would become, but he still mapped out the journey to get where he is today.

While skeptics and those stuck with jobs they hate would probably say, “He is one in a million. Not everyone gets what they want. It’s pure luck,” Cameron Lewis was sidetracked from his path numerous times.

The first significant tribulation was after he finished dental school in 2007. Lewis wanted to continue with oral surgery immediately but was rejected three years in a row. Beaten but not broken, he kept doing internships, battled with depression, and did everything to persevere his way through until he was finally admitted.

“There is no excuse for staying in a place you hate for long. Sometimes you have to do whatever gets you through the day or month. You have to eat and have a place to sleep,” he says. “But you can’t complain if you do nothing to get where you want to be. The journey can take time, but you must believe you will eventually get there.”

But finding the right job is only the first part. When all of that is done and sorted out, Lewis says the next step is finding time for yourself.

“Work is exhausting even when you love it. That’s why you need to have some activity to help you relieve all that pent-up stress,” he says. “You can go for a walk, movie, or workout, but praying and meditation are my go-to things. I love to pray or meditate when I’m feeling overwhelmed. It helps me focus and gives me strength and courage to carry on for the next day.”

Last but not least is family time. Lewis explains people need to surround themselves with positive, supportive, uplifting people. When you have people around, it’s easier to recharge mental and emotional batteries, as those people unconditionally give away their love and support.

However, Lewis knows that you first have to give to receive.

“You can’t expect to take what you are not ready to give from others. When you are that positive, uplifting, and supportive person, you will start attracting the likes of you, just like a magnet,” says Lewis.

“You will be happier in life and start to appreciate yourself even when you get stuck in a lousy situation. You will have love and support from others which will keep you moving forward, one step at a time, but closer and closer to your goal.”

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