The 10 Leadership Coaches to Watch in 2024

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Considering how competitive the business landscape is, the need for effective leadership can’t be overstated. Strong leadership is essential for organizations across industries to innovate, adapt, and grow.  This is why leadership coaches are so important, offering invaluable support and guidance to leaders at all levels.

Hiring a leadership coach is akin to enlisting a personal trainer for your professional journey, and the benefits are great. They will empower you to tap into your full potential, help you uncover your strengths, identify areas for improvement, and guide you into understanding your leadership style. If you want to become a more inspiring and effective leader, here are the 10 best leadership coaches to consider!

Jennifer Germaine

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Founder and Chief Culture Catalyst of Breathe Fire Into Life, Jennifer Germaine, is a highly accomplished leadership coach whose journey from being a successful corporate lawyer to a visionary leader has shaped her unique approach to coaching. Throughout her 15-year career in law, Jennifer represented numerous organizations and noticed a recurring issue – disharmony stemming from strained relationships within these organizations.

Scaling her own law firm to a national level gave Jennifer firsthand experience in leadership, where she realized that expertise alone is not enough to lead and inspire others. She discovered that true leadership lies in becoming an architect of human relationships, forging bonds based on transparency, authenticity, curiosity, and synergy.

Jennifer’s answer to the gap in leadership development is her Conscious Culture Creation process. With this approach, she guides leaders to articulate their vision, inspire others, and foster powerful connections with radical transparency. Her focus is not just on excelling in one’s field but on mastering the art of guiding and inspiring others.

What sets Jennifer apart as a leadership coach is her precision in crafting individual experiences for each client. She dives deep into core issues faced by her clients, often centered around people-related conflicts, and offers tangible tools through her Conscious Culture Creation framework. These tools enable leaders to cultivate outstanding cultures that thrive on harmony, alignment, and impeccable communication.

Through genuine, transparent conversations and innovative strategies, Jennifer envisions and helps create a brighter collective future where workplaces become beacons of inspiration and proactive change.

Sonja Harvey

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Sonja Harvey is a distinguished leadership and intuitive intelligence® expert who serves as the driving force behind The Expansion Practice. Drawing upon over two decades of experience in leadership and organizational development, Sonja possesses a distinctive blend of skills that she employs to guide her coaching clients. The realization that intuition is a potent force within all individuals, including herself, bolsters her ability to catalyze transformative change.

Sonja’s journey has led her to coach an array of leaders, from visionaries to those entangled in toxic patterns. This exposure to diverse leadership styles has equipped her with invaluable insights into navigating the complexities of organizational growth and sustainable transformation.

A true visionary, Sonja is committed to redefining the prevailing leadership paradigm. She champions the alignment of intuitive intelligence®—a fusion of analytical, emotional, and somatic intelligence—as the foundation for activating next level leadership. Her approach converges the seemingly disparate realms of leadership and intuition, revealing their inherent interconnectedness.

This intersection becomes the catalyst for individuals to embrace their unique talents and purpose, unlocking their untapped leadership potential. Sonja’s clientele encompasses leaders and purpose-driven organizations eager to transcend the plateau of their current achievements. Her guidance empowers those on the cusp of transformation, offering a tangible pathway beyond subconscious fears and limiting beliefs.

Through her evidence-based methodology, Sonja works with innovative and agile leaders who are ready to ignite a lasting ripple effect within themselves and their teams. She accomplishes this through personalized coaching, interactive Leadership Labs, keynote speaking engagements, and her flagship program, Leadership Alchemy, offered twice each year.

Jackie Simon

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Jackie Simon is an accomplished Executive and Leadership Coach renowned for her exceptional ability to empower new managers and seasoned executives alike to excel in their roles. With a career spanning over a decade, Jackie has become a prominent figure in the realm of leadership and career development with Jackie Simon Coaching.

Jackie’s expertise lies in her profound understanding of the intricacies of leadership, management, influence, communication, and career progression. Her personalized coaching services, which encompass both one-on-one sessions and group dynamics, have consistently yielded remarkable results for managers, executives, business owners, and high-potential professionals.

Certified and highly regarded within her field, Jackie has guided hundreds of successful managers and executives through transformative journeys of self-discovery and growth. Her strategic guidance has led individuals to achieve unparalleled levels of leadership, productivity, and impact in their respective roles.

Notably, Jackie’s commitment to excellence has earned her recognition as a Top Coach in Las Vegas for consecutive years (2022 and 2023) by influence + digest, a testament to her unwavering dedication to fostering leadership excellence.

What sets Jackie apart is not only her extensive experience but also her ability to empathize with the challenges leaders face on a daily basis. Through insightful guidance and a deep-rooted passion for development, she equips her clients with the tools and strategies needed to navigate complex professional landscapes and achieve their highest  potential.

Jim Bishop

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With over two decades of immersive experience in executive development, corporate leadership and human performance, Jim Bishop stands as a beacon of transformative leadership through his business, Conjunction Leadership. Jim’s journey has taken him across the globe, coaching executives, diverse teams and orchestrating the modernization of leadership systems for transforming business units. His expertise brings structure and order to the dynamic landscape of people strategy, ensuring organizations thrive in the face of scaling and change.

Having collaborated with industry giants like Eli Lilly, Roche, and Elanco, Jim recognized the pivotal role of a visionary leader willing to first work on themselves while revitalizing their culture. This catalyzed the birth of Conjunction Leadership in 2020, where Jim provides executive coaching and team development solutions. His unique approach shifts leaders away from reactive decision-making toward uniting diverse perspectives. By reframing tensions with “more AND and less OR,” he empowers leaders to embrace authenticity, combat reactivity, and foster genuine connections in unstable times.

As a certified coach by the International Coach Federation and a Certified Leadership Facilitator with The Ken Blanchard Companies, Jim’s methods are a blend of science and art. He empowers executives through executive coaching, corporate culture consulting, and team effectiveness programs, focusing on holistic development within volatile contexts. Jim is revered as a thought leader in masculine leadership, whole-person development, and adaptable, human-centered cultures.

At Conjunction Leadership, transformation starts within. The exclusive DISRUPT, BRIDGE, and GROW process guides leaders on a journey of self-discovery, mindset shifts, and measurable growth.

Teresa Cox and Chelsea Cox Gillman

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TESS COX & Associates, LLC was founded by renowned leadership coach Tess Cox. Three years into this leadership coaching foundation, Chelsea Cox Gillman joined the business bringing her dynamic skills to leadership coaching.  With a combined experience spanning over 50 years in team building, leadership, and management, they offer an unparalleled blend of wisdom, intuition, and expertise, along with being a mother/daughter duo who loves working together building teams, and providing retreats for businesses.

At Tess Cox & Associates, they offer a unique approach that centers on fostering individual and team connections through enhanced communication skills. They guide clients through the daunting task of overcoming their most formidable challenges, propelling them toward unparalleled results. Their true passion lies in nurturing engagement because they believe that authentic leadership begins with mastering oneself.

The cornerstone of Tess and Chelsea’s offerings is “The Engagement Blueprint.” Tailored for leaders, managers, HR teams, and employees, this comprehensive resource is a compass for cultivating a “growth mindset” within a company culture. Through immersive training, insightful stories, potent tools, and invaluable resources, they empower participants to thrive in their roles, fostering enhanced communication, a positive mindset, recognition of strengths, unwavering commitment, and confident leadership.

Their dialogue with clients is their most cherished asset in helping clients embrace their current reality, envision greater potential, craft a meaningful message, and collaborate around a shared vision. Join Tess Cox & Associates on a journey of empowerment, growth, and the realization of your own leadership potential.

Sara Ellis Conant

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With more than two decades of experience, Sara Ellis Conant stands at the forefront of transformational coaching as the co-founder and CEO of a)plan coaching. Her journey as a coach began in 2000 when she embarked on a path sculpted by her father, Dave Ellis, an architect of the modern-day coaching industry. Wanting to democratize access to her time-tested coaching approaches and philosophies, she co-founded a)plan in 2017, growing the company to 75 diverse, experienced coaches as of 2023.

Before co-founding a)plan, Sara earned her MBA and BA from Stanford University. She held leadership positions at Deloitte for five years, where she drove the growth of the firm’s corporate responsibility and sustainability services from inception to $150 million in annual revenue.

Today, the bedrock of a)plan’s success is its consistent coaching methodology, a diverse bench of coaches, and technology designed to enhance the coaching experience for clients. The company has built a reputation for enhancing productivity, innovation, diversity & belonging, talent retention, and overall fulfillment for its growing customer base. a)plan’s customers range widely, from small startups to Fortune 500 enterprises to major nonprofits and foundations.

For teams and organizations seeking an edge, a)plan estimates that coaching delivers a 4x return on investment—a figure driven by enhanced productivity, engagement, and employee retention. In 2022, HubSpot lauded a)plan as one of the best coaching services of the year, highlighting its work in diversity, equity, inclusion, & belonging.

Kirsten Penaloza

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After living and working in different countries and immersing herself in new cultures, Kirsten Penaloza realized the universal truth that everyone wants happiness, fulfillment, and purpose. As a transformative leadership coach, Kirsten’s main goal is to help clients make those dreams come true. The journey of self-realization and self-improvement can be easily uncovered with dedicated support, and her true passion is seeing anyone achieve their full potential.

Kirsten’s journey has been diverse, from teaching to entrepreneurship, but in the dynamic tech industry, she found her true passion: empowering others to grow. As a director leading various teams, she discovered her knack for coaching and founded Noble Mind Coaching.

What sets Kirsten apart is her adaptable and empathetic approach rooted in the timeless principles of Buddhist philosophy. She understands that everyone’s journey is unique, and her coaching is tailored to your specific needs. She combines different principles to guide you effectively. Kirsten’s Noble Mind Coaching is a transformative ode to self-improvement for the greater good.

Whether you’re leading international teams, embracing new challenges, or simply searching for your place in the world, Kirsten is dedicated to helping you succeed. She believes in celebrating individual differences and helping everyone find their sense of belonging.

Dr. Jennifer Reimer

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Guided by a passion for empowering professional women to break free from the shackles of busyness, Dr. Jennifer Reimer is making a huge difference in the leadership coaching space. With over two decades of experience both inside multinational corporations and as an external consultant, Jennifer brings a wealth of knowledge and insight. As the CEO of Virtuous Radical Leadership, she guides clients through the conscious harnessing of their true leadership potential.

Jennifer’s journey began when she recognized that traditional academic approaches to leadership education were falling short. Armed with her extensive experience in teaching and facilitating strategic planning, she set out on a mission to revolutionize leadership coaching. For the past eight years, she has dedicated herself to researching and teaching leadership and sustainability.

In her doctoral research, Jennifer delved deep into the beliefs that drive leaders to make high-stakes decisions in pursuit of a sustainable future. Her expertise lies not just in leadership theory but in helping individuals transform their unconscious thought patterns underlying their behavior. This is the foundation of her signature program, “From Busy to Being,” specifically designed to help professional women identify and release limiting thought patterns that hinder their leadership journey.

Through pre-recorded modules and live group sessions, participants are guided on a transformative journey from spinning and juggling to creative, courageous, and inspired. If you’re a professional woman seeking to elevate your leadership and gain the respect you deserve, with time for your personal life,  Jennifer offers the guidance you’ve been looking for.

Stacey Caster

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Stacey Caster is the force behind North Executive Advisors and one of the leading authorities in leadership coaching. With a remarkable 25-year career spanning diverse industries, Stacey has solidified her reputation as an innovative thinker, business strategist, and masterful coach. She’s very passionate and effective about optimizing the potential of senior leaders and C-suite executives. This is how she can elevate not just individuals but entire organizations.

One of the things that set Stacey apart is her profound insights into human dynamics, business systems, and leadership development, which have propelled countless professionals toward excellence. Through North Executive Advisors, she doesn’t just guide her clients; she empowers them to turn challenges into stepping stones and obstacles into opportunities.

As a Certified International Coaching Federation (ICF) ACC Coach, a Certified Genos Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, and a Certified Master Facilitator, Stacey’s credentials are a testament to her commitment to excellence. Additionally, her groundbreaking Leadership Progression Plan is a game-changer. This proprietary program equips leaders with the skills needed to excel and ascend to the C-suite. Delivered in-person, virtually, or through self-paced modules, it accommodates even the busiest professionals.

Stacey’s customizable leadership training program for organizations ensures that learning translates into immediate, impactful results. Tailored to address specific needs, this program empowers leaders to implement their newfound knowledge effectively. With Stacey’s firsthand experience in C-level leadership, she offers a uniquely empathetic and insightful perspective. Unlock your potential, embrace change, and lead with confidence under Stacey’s expert guidance.

Mimika Cooney

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Mimika Cooney is a remarkable leadership coach and the founder of Mimika Media, your ultimate guide to unlocking your inner potential. Mimika is not just a leadership coach; she’s a faith-based Christian Mindset Author and Speaker known as the “Personal Trainer for Your Mind.” She specializes in empowering Christians to rewire their brains, blending the power of neuroscience, positive psychology, and a faith-based approach.

Imagine having the ability to transform your life by reshaping your mindset habits and patterns. That’s precisely what Mimika offers through the “Unstick Your Mind” mindset mastery method. This is a transformative program that provides individuals with the essential tools they need to achieve their personal breakthroughs. With Mimika’s guidance, you’ll learn how to unstick your mind, cultivate emotional resilience, and take control of your own potential.

Her credentials speak volumes about her expertise. As a Certified John Maxwell DISC Behavioral Analysis Consultant, Mimika has advanced behavioral analysis and positive psychology training. She’s also a Brain Health Coach from the Amen Clinics Institute University and has honed her skills in the Neuroscience of Change Management through Coaches Rising. Additionally, she’s completed Yale University’s “The Science of Well-being” and holds certifications in Positive Psychology Motivation Management.

Having overcome adversity herself, Mimika understands the journey to self-discovery. After facing rejection, bullying, and a difficult childhood, she found her calling in helping others find their purpose. Mimika’s blend of faith, science, and motivation sets her leadership coaching apart and enables clients to become the bosses of their own destinies.

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