Have you heard of THCV? Like THC and CBD, THCV is a cannabinoid found in hemp, cannabis and other plants. However, it’s extremely rare and produces very different effects. Unlike THC, which is known for increasing hunger, THCV is often called the “sports car of cannabinoids,” “skinny pot” or “diet weed” for boosting energy and suppressing appetite. 

“THCV decreases appetite, increases satiety, and up-regulates energy metabolism, making it a clinically useful remedy for weight loss and management of obesity and type 2 diabetic patients,” according to Biomed Central’s Journal of Cannabis Research.

In this article, we’ll describe the fascinating global hunt for THCV and explain the science behind THCV for weight loss, diabetes, anxiety, addiction, panic attacks and more.

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The deadly hunt for THCV cannabis strains

Until recently, the only way to get THCV was to find cannabis flowers that naturally produce larger amounts of THCV, namely African landrace sativas. Cannabis strain hunters traversed the Congo in dugout canoes searching for these almost mythical plants that locals used for energy and to prevent hunger. Expeditions were so dangerous that an Italian strain hunter died of malaria in the Congo in 2017.

Thankfully, advances in breeding and extraction have made it much easier to acquire THCV over the last couple years. Strains high in THCV include: Doug’s Varin, Durban Poison, Pineapple Purps, and Willie Nelson. However, even strains with the highest levels of THCV usually only contain around 1 to 5% of the cannabinoid. The rest is mostly THC, which probably cancels out most of THCV’s appetite suppressing properties.

To receive the stimulating, weight loss benefits of THCV, you need large amounts of THCV without THC. This is why we recommend Rare Cananbinoid Company’s purified THCV oil and THCV with CBD blend. 

THCV is often referred to as “skinny pot” or “diet weed” for its ability to suppress appetite and aid weight loss. (Courtesy of Rare Cannabinoid Company)

THC vs. THCV for weight loss

So how does THCV suppress one’s appetite? All people have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which plays a large role in regulating appetite, mood, sleep and physical health. Each cannabinoid interacts with this system in a different way.

The ECS has two main types of receptors, CB1 and CB2. THC activates the CB1 receptor, releasing hunger-promoting hormones. THCV does the opposite. It blocks the CB1 receptor, which suppresses hunger. 

Scientists have known about the appetite-suppressing effect of blocking the CB1 receptor for a long time. However, pharmaceutical anti-obesity drug Rimonabant, which blocked the CB1 receptor, was withdrawn from the market for causing serious depressive side effects. 

Amazingly, this human study found that THCV decreased appetite without causing any negative side effects as it does not damage the neural reward system like Rimonabant.

Further studies validate THCV’s potential as a safer appetite suppressant and explain that THCV alters brain connections in such a way that “THCV could allow greater control over food intake.”

THCV and diabetes

Not only can THCV’s appetite suppressing properties lead to weight loss, but THCV may also help with diabetes by regulating blood sugar and insulin levels. THCV appears to work best for type 2 diabetes, while CBD may be better for type 1, according to this study on THCV and diabetes. One may therefore want to try a blend of THCV and CBD for diabetes and weight loss.

Another benefit of CBD is that it may combat the munchie-producing effects of THC (when combined with THCV).

This experiment on mice found that those fed a pure THCV extract ate less and lost significant amounts of weight. Mice fed a THCV extract that also contained THC did not eat less or lose weight. To reverse THC’s effect, those mice were given CBD and proceeded to eat less and lose weight.

In addition to THCV, Rare Cannabinoid Company offers CBN, CBG, CBC, CBDA and CBD oils and blends.

THCV for anxiety and addiction

In addition to weight loss, THCV has shown great potential in decreasing drug abuse and addiction and is highly effective in the management of stress, anxiety, PTSD and can even prevent panic attacks, according to Steep Hill laboratories. 

This study found THCV has anti-psychotic effects and may help with schizophrenia.

THCV versus THC and does THCV get you high?

Despite so much history, hype and scientific evidence around THCV’s benefits, it’s surprisingly hard to find THCV for sale and products that claim to be THCV usually aren’t. Many are full spectrum CBD or THC oils.

Like CBD, THCV does not get you high (at least at normal doses). Meanwhile, THC is intoxicating and increases hunger rather than reducing it. THCV also costs far more to produce than CBD or THC.

Lab-tested THCV for sale

Whenever you purchase CBD or minor cannabinoids, you should always check the lab report and compare the milligrams listed to the weight of the product to understand the actual dosing. 

At least for now, Rare Cannabinoid Company is the only brand producing a true, purified THCV oil and a clearly dosed one-to-one blend with CBD. See third-party lab test results here. You can shop for THCV with free U.S. shipping and 15% off auto-ship subscriptions now.

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