Originally published Monday, March 7. Updated Wednesday, March 9, 4:30PM.

We have to bow to a new Based–acclaimed producer and professor 9th Wonder. Releasing “Base 4 Ya Face,” a mostly other coast affair featuring Jean Grae and Phonte, he changed a few folks' minds about the ever-controversial Lil B.

After shaking his virtual head at the naysayers,

he released the following track and watched a lot of people swallow the vitriol they'd been spitting, uh, Tweeting. Listen for yourselves:

Phonte summed it up best:

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When Syd and The Super 3 from Odd Future posted on Twitter the “real” cover for XXL's 2011 Freshman Class issue, they left only Lil B to keep their cartoons company (the Master Chef is plenty colorful on his own). But there are lots of Lil B haters out there (read the comments on XXL), and to them, we simply say, “For now we see through a glass, darkly.” And to XXL, we simply say, “You smart bastards.”

Lil B's freestyle dropped today, and he's right about one thing: “I ain't never copied offa no n*gga.” Watch, and then compare notes with our hometown hero's:

Remember when fellow Freshman and Compton native Kendrick Lamar told us, “Goin' crazy in your head is wanting to say so much, but you can't”? Beware the bullets he's spitting:

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