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Studies have revealed that testosterone level in men is at its peak when they are 18 to 19 years old, and starts dropping gradually from that point on, over the years, as they grow old. Several factors get involved causing this testosterone decline, including rising stress levels and ageing.

The low testosterone level can also impact the physical and mental health of the individual, causing him to put on weight, primarily because of the extra fat buildup in the body. On the other hand, the person may also face difficulties while trying to focus on the job or task at hand. Not just that, performance in the bedroom may also get hit significantly.

There are several options you can use to restore your testosterone level back to normal, and one of the most reliable ones available in the market today is Testogen health supplement. The makers of Testogen claim that it has all natural ingredients which harmlessly boost the testosterone production in the body, thereby positively impacting the physical and mental well-being of the person.

In this detailed Testogen review, we will take you over all important information related to this product, to help you make a well-informed decision for its purchase.

What Is Testogen And Who Is It For?

Testogen is a health supplement ideal for men 18 years or older in age, who are facing the issue of depleting testosterone levels in their bodies. Many people may not be aware what this implies, or may not even get to know if their body’s testosterone levels are dropping.

A good way to ascertain your body’s testosterone level is by understanding if you’re experiencing certain symptoms or not.

For instance, if you have been consistently observing lack of motivation and energy, have been witnessing problems relating to building muscles, despite going to the gymnasium regularly, have excess fat deposits in the chest or belly region, or have been witnessing problems performing in the bed, a product like Testogen can be highly beneficial for you.

However, please don’t be mistaken that Testogen is only meant for men experiencing the above-mentioned problems. It can also aid maintenance of optimum health and improvement of general testosterone levels; implying that it can be very helpful in the below-listed areas:

  • Boosting your overall confidence and sex drive
  • Improving your body’s muscle mass (by delivering best results for anyone going to the gym regularly)
  • Enhancing your overall motivation level, energy level and general mood
  • Helping you get rid of any excess fat deposits in stubborn areas such as chest and belly

If it’s an improvement in all the above areas that you’ve been yearning for, Testogen might just be the right product you need. It has been proven to work in a great multitude of men all over the world, and what sets it apart is that it comprises all-natural ingredients.

A Brief Overview Of Testogen

Testogen can be termed as a steroid-free and all-natural health supplement whose sole purpose is to boost your body’s testosterone levels. It’s manufactured by a company known as Muscle Club Ltd, which operates from the United Kingdom. The company has been in the health supplements business for over half a decade and has quickly established a good name for itself in this industry.

Testogen is manufactured in a facility approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States (USFDA). The scientists behind its creation are constantly engaged in research and experiments on various natural ingredients capable of boosting testosterone levels in human body. The ingredients that make up Testogen are also recognised to be completely safe for human consumption.

It won’t be wrong to state that Testogen is easily amongst the front runners in the testosterone supplements market today. While many other testosterone boosters employ chemical ingredients, Testogen quickly set itself apart owing to its natural composition, which delivers results as good as (and sometimes even better than) the chemical-based boosters.

The 11 natural ingredients that go into the making of Testogen complement each other and enhance the body’s testosterone production. The results can be seen fairly quickly provided that you take the supplement as recommended. In fact, the manufacturer goes as far as claiming that you will see visible results in as less as 2 weeks’ time, provided you strictly follow their instructions.

The company doesn’t just talk, but walks the talk too. Research has revealed that regular Testogen consumers show 45% improvement in their body’s testosterone levels within a few weeks of starting its consumption. Hence, in a way it is guaranteed that you’d notice your body’s testosterone levels rise, with regular Testogen use. It would be well-evident in the ease with which you perform day-to-day tasks, without getting fatigued very easily.

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Testogen Pros And Cons

There is always a good and bad side to every health supplement out there, and Testogen is no different. Being aware of any such product’s cons is extremely important as it can sometimes save you from life-threatening side effects, which may even lead to irreversible organ damage in certain cases. On that note, let’s take you through the main pros and cons of Testogen below:

Testogen Pros:

  • Enhanced motivation level and competitive feeling
  • Can be easily used orally, without any hassles
  • Leads to significant development of muscle strength
  • Higher energy levels
  • Improved sex drive
  • Improved ability to focus on the tasks at hand
  • Aids easy burning of stubborn body fat
  • Every purchase comes with free-of-cost training and nutrition guides
  • Handsome discounts if you choose to buy multiple bottles
  • Lightens and lifts up the overall mood
  • Enhances self-esteem and boosts confidence
  • Comprises of all natural ingredients, scientifically proven to stimulate testosterone production in the body
  • Quick results

Testogen Cons:

  • The best results are seen when you take minimum 4 capsules per day, a dosage which can be intimidating for men who’re not too used to taking such supplements
  • Testogen can be expensive if you choose to buy just 1 bottle. Thus, if you’re in a way forced to buy multiple bottles owing to their highly attractive price.
  • The original Testogen with the best fair deal can be purchased only from the Testogen’s official website. Buying it elsewhere exposes you to the risk of higher price or inauthentic product.

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Testogen Ingredients

As highlighted earlier, Testogen comprises all-natural 11 ingredients which work hand-in-hand to deliver improved testosterone production in the human body. Let’s briefly go over each one of these ingredients below:

Fenugreek Extract (40 mg)

Considered an extremely safe herbal ingredient, fenugreek has proven testosterone-boosting effects. It also offers potent antioxidant properties, ensuring that you don’t face any negative effects of harmful free radicals, enabling your body to function at the optimum level.

Magnesium (200 mg)

It’s a nutrient which is very critical to the testosterone production in the body. Magnesium is capable of boosting testosterone production even if consumed in small doses over a time period. It has been recognised for its ability to promote good sleep too, which is very important for testosterone creation. As majority of adults don’t get the daily recommended amount of magnesium through normal food, Testogen works as an excellent medium to supply your body with this critical mineral.

Zinc (10 mg)

Widely recognised as a potent aphrodisiac, owing to its testosterone-boosting properties, Zinc is important for the upkeep of various body functions. It plays a key role in maintaining your sperm levels too. You lose Zinc whenever you sweat excessively. Testogen contains a generous amount of Zinc per dosage and helps you maintain its optimum level in the body.

Korean Red Ginseng Extract (40 mg)

This one’s a well-known libido stimulator, obtained from a root plant. Korean red ginseng extract protects the testicles from damage caused by dioxins, and assists in creating solid erections. It’s a widely-recognised aphrodisiac too, which works at both mental and physical level, thereby boosting bedroom performance.

Nettle Leaf Extract (40 mg)

This ingredient is known to bind itself to a protein referred to as SHGB. It is commonly observed that testosterone binds itself with the exact same protein, leading to its deficiency. Hence, with nettle leaf taking up most of the SHGB binding, it prevents testosterone from doing so and improves its circulation in the body, making it available for other important body functions.

D-Aspartic acid (2352 mg)

D-Aspartic acid is a recognised amino acid regulator which aids hormone production in the body, especially that of luteinising hormone. This in turn boosts the testosterone-production. Consuming D-aspartic acid on a regular basis is known to increase testosterone levels in a very short time period, and therefore Testogen contains a pretty generous amount of it in every dosage.

Vitamin D3 (50 mcg)

As per studies, Men with adequate levels of vitamin D have higher testosterone levels in their bodies compared to the ones with low vitamin D. Each Testogen dosage consists of ample vitamin D, to contribute to your daily recommended intake.

Vitamin B6 (20 mcg)

Sufficient amounts of vitamin B6 aids Androgens’ growth in the body. This hormone is very crucial for optimum functioning of the male reproductive system, and hence testosterone production too.

Boron (8 mg)

Boron is a very important Testogen ingredient as it’s widely recognised for not just the treatment of erectile dysfunction, but also for consistent improvement of both muscle and bone health.

Vitamin K1 (20 mcg)

A regular intake of vitamin K1 leads to healthier and stronger bones. Once your bones are strong enough, they can better absorb vitamin D, thereby helping increase the testosterone production.

Bioperine 95% Piperine (5 mg)

The presence of Bioperine in Testogen ensures that all its ingredients are absorbed well by the human body, so they can deliver the expected results.

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How Testogen Works?

The Testogen health supplement delivers its results by naturally boosting your body’s testosterone levels, through the combined effect delivered by herbal ingredients that go into its making.

The primary ingredients D-aspartic acid, magnesium, zinc and the red ginseng tackle the issues such free radicals, lack of sleep, low sperm count and testicle damaging dioxins.

The improved production of luteinising hormone in the body, because of D-aspartic acid, stimulates the Leydig cells of testicles, thereby enhancing the testosterone production.

All the natural extracts work in a highly-effective manner, countering the unwanted substances/conditions and enabling the body to function well and produce more testosterone.

The red ginseng in Testogen relieves the oxidative stress witnessed in penile tissues and blood vessels, restoring its normal functioning. Magnesium on the other hand aids relaxation and contraction of muscles, thus proving important for rest, which is so critical for testosterone-production.

Testogen Benefits

Using Testogen on a regular basis can deliver a whole lot of benefits to your body, including improved testosterone production. Let’s go over some of the main Testogen benefits below:

Improved libido – Anyone experiencing inadequate sexual performance can benefit tremendously by the natural testosterone boost delivered by Testogen health supplement. A higher testosterone level automatically increases sex drive, and facilitates stronger erections which last much longer in the bed.

Higher energy levels – Regular Testogen consumption aids fat burning and helps getting rid of extra body weight. If you exercise regularly, using a product like Testogen can help build lean muscle mass and improve your overall well-being. A higher testosterone level automatically leads to more stamina and muscle strength, which are essential for tasks requiring endurance. You stay at your peak, both physically and psychologically.

Better focus – More testosterone as a result of Testogen consumption can keep you away from depressing feelings, and help you maintain your interest in the things happening around you. You take more interest in your goals and focus better on the tasks at hand. The regular accomplishment of goals automatically leads to more confidence and a higher self-esteem.

Better mood – As you stay energetic at all times of the day, irritability becomes a thing of the past. You are able to finish more and more tasks, in time, and thus are able to stay in a good mood round-the-clock. The world starts appearing like a happy place, with the tasks no longer seeming as daunting as they once used to.

Sound sleep – As you gain stamina and strength with regular Testogen usage, you’re able to work without any fatigue or tiredness, throughout your working day. There are no longer any feelings of anxiety or worry, helping you sleep well at night. This works very well for the natural production of testosterone in the body.

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Potential Side Effects

As Testogen is manufactured in FDA-approved labs, with all-natural herbal ingredients, without any chemicals or steroids involved, there are no reported side effects of this supplement. In fact, the vitamins and minerals contained in Testogen are the exact same compounds which are necessary for your body’s day-to-day functioning. Hence, when you consume Testogen, you aren’t consuming anything foreign or unwanted. Regular Testogen intake can in fact be very critical in helping your body meet some of its daily vitamin and mineral requirements, which aren’t fulfilled by regular food.

Thus, it would be safe to state that you’d experience no side effects from Testogen consumption as long as you stay within the recommended dosages, and at prescribed hours. Never consume more Testogen than needed, just because you want overnight results!

Who should avoid Testogen usage?

Children (boys) below 18 years in age should avoid consuming Testogen, and the same applies to women too, as their bodies’ Testosterone requirement is quite small compared to that of men.

Testogen recommended dosage

Before we get into the Testogen’s recommended dosage, please ensure that you consult a qualified doctor before taking any such health supplement. This is to avoid any drug interactions, leading to unwanted side effects.

Testogen normally comes in the form of bottles containing 120 capsules each. You must consume no more than 4 Testogen capsules per day, with a glass of water. These 4 capsules should be ideally ingested 20 minutes prior to the breakfast. Experts also recommend that you take a 1 ½ week break after every 2 months cycle.

Which Is The Best Place To Buy Testogen? Are There Any Guarantees?

You’d be best served if you buy Testogen from its official website. That way you’ll get it at the best price and will also be ensured of its authenticity. The company delivers it free of cost to locations throughout the world. Furthermore, every purchase of 3 Testogen bottles comes with 2 free bottles and a free-of-cost e-book. Hence it makes sense to buy at least 3 bottles, which would last you around 3 months.

Every Testogen purchase comes with a comprehensive 100 days money back guarantee too. You would get a complete no-questions-asked refund for returning any unopened and unused bottles, within 100 days of your purchase.


On the whole, all men over 20 years in age must give Testogen health supplement a try, as its benefits are too good to be ignored. Considering it’s made up of all-natural ingredients gives it an edge over chemical-laced testosterone boosters in the market, also making it very safe for consumption. At core, Testogen improves your body’s physiological functions, thereby helping you enjoy your life to the fullest!

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