TestClear Review

testclear review

TestClear is dehydrated urine that can be used to pass an unsupervised drug test. The manufacturer boasts that they have the best product since it is real human urine, ensuring that there are no red flags during an unsupervised drug test or supervised drug screen (including tests in labs).

Compared to other market leaders like Sub solution, Clear Choice Incognito Belt, Quick Luck, and Urinator, TestClear ranks the highest of all urine kits. Founded in 1995, the brand has been around for more than 23 years and ships worldwide, so those looking for peace of mind may consider this as a solution to their worries.

This product stands out because it is dehydrated urine, meaning it is not synthetic. Since it is real urine, there is almost a 0% chance it will ever fail during a drug test. Plus, it is easy to use as long as you follow the directions precisely. 


  • Very high success rate (accuracy)
  • Reputable company
  • Affordable
  • Long shelf life


  • You must prepare the sample ahead of time
  • The strong smell makes detection easier

In this TestClear Review, we’ll help you decide whether it is the best one to pick up.

Testclear Products

Testclear offers several at-home drug test detox solutions, but here are the top sellers:

Things To Consider Before Buying a TestClear Kit

Spontaneous or supervised drug tests can be stressful. You remove the uncertainties by getting yourself a urine kit beforehand.

There are many things I like about TestClear, one of them being that it’s not synthetic, making it a little more reliable than the rest.  Also, you mix it just like other options, except for the part about initially mixing the powdered urine.

Although this is not the best for spontaneous tests, it’s been touted as a leader in the industry in terms of reliability and trustworthiness.

A few things to consider before buying are:

  • The timing of the test (spontaneous vs. planned).
  • Supervision of the test.
  • The price you are willing to pay.

Fortunately for you, TestClear is an affordable option compared to other choices on the market, coming in at just $49.95 for the entire kit.

Features & Benefits

Included in the TestClear powdered urine kit are the following:

  • One vial of powdered urine
  • Urine kit details
  • One 50ml plastic medical transport vial
  • One temperature strip
  • Two air-activated heaters

Its main features set this kit apart from the rest on the market.


Get the Correct Temperature

One of the handy features of this test kit is that it provides a temperature strip. Since you will have to verify the urine temperature is the correct temperature (between 90 degrees Fahrenheit and 100 degrees Fahrenheit), the temperature strip makes this kit much easier to use than others on the market. It removes all the guesswork associated with achieving the correct temperature level.

Confirming that the urine is at the right temperature prevents any unintended test results or anomalies. Plus, the temperature strip is highly accurate — if there is no reading, this means the urine is too cold or too hot, providing the user with an easy gauge as to how to fix the urine sample.


The second perk of using this test kit is the ease of concealment. Women can use their bra area, whereas men can wear two pairs of briefs to slip the tube between the layers. If the tube is against the body, the temperature will stay in the correct range. The website even provides directions on how to conceal the test kit before, during, and after use. I didn’t mind just stuffing the tube in my underwear beside its usual contents. After my nether parts acclimated, I eventually forgot the tube was there.

Pass a drug test with Testclear

Clear Directions

The third benefit of using this testing kit over other options is the clear directions. The website and the packaging label state the most accurate way to use the clear urine powder for an experiment or employment drug test.

All you have to do is pour the vial of powdered urine into the container tube, stick the temperature strip into the tube, fill the tube with water, shake the tube to dissolve the urine, and verify the temperature.

Realistic Look and Smell

Another reason users may choose to purchase TestClear versus other products on the market is the realistic look and smell. Other solutions may have a sweet smell uncharacteristic of urine. Test Clear has an authentic and unmistakable odor.

Extra Heaters Available

Users who are worried about the heating time frame (although the single heater works for 6 hours) may consider purchasing extra heaters. The benefit of offering additional heaters is that they can be used if the time of the test is delayed.

Sterile Until Mixed

Since this urine is dehydrated, it is sterile until mixed with liquids. This means that it has a long shelf life and can be kept for another purpose if the drug test is delayed or canceled. This allows the consumer to keep it at arm’s length until needed.

Avoid Career Consequences

The next perk of using the TestClear solution is that it can help a person prevent consequences that can drastically affect their career. Sometimes, employers can ask for a blood test, saliva test, hair follicle test, or urine test to identify drug use in their employees.

That said, the most common form of drug testing is a urine test. If someone is undergoing a pre-employment drug test knows that they may fail, using this solution can help them keep their job.

Stored in the Fridge

Furthermore, users can keep the urine solution in the fridge for up to 3 days if the test is delayed. This means that if the scheduling of the test was altered at the last minute or the user got their dates wrong, the solution will not expire immediately after mixing. Refrigerator storage is an easy way to keep urine after getting the product in the mail.

TestClear – Proven Drug Testing & Detoxification Solutions 

Social Proof

After experimenting with the product and ended up liking it so much that I wrote this TestClear Review, I looked to the interwebs for the experiences of other like-minded people.

Reddit users seem to like TestClear for its ease of use. One poster said that it helped him pass a 10-panel pre-employment drug screen. Commenters shared similar positive opinions, where the original poster (OP) responded that other people reached out to them to tell them they passed their tests using the solution. Further, the OP suggested using filtered water instead of tap water to ensure a sterile mix.

A user over at Reviewsbird attested that it works, provided you follow the instructions.

That said, the costly overnight fees and shipping fees may deter some users from purchasing this product.


If you are still concerned about the trustworthiness and reliability of TestClear, there are a few alternatives on the market that can do a similar job in guaranteeing a negative result when it comes to drug tests or blood tests.

The most common alternatives to this industry leader that can help a person pass a drug test include the following:

Sub Solution

sub solution synthetic urine kit

Sub Solution is a synthetic kit that is biocide and toxin-free, 100% effective, and completely undetectable (according to the company).

The pros of using this product are that it is reliable and has been in use since 2003, proves to be 100% effective, features low-cost delivery, has low shipping costs is cheaper than TestClear, and comes with a standard container and heat source.


  • Natural Urine
  • Works for any urine drug test


Sub Solution

  • Synthetic Urine
  • It May not work for some specialized drug tests

Check out the Sub Solution website for more information about it.

Clear Choice Incognito Belt

clear choice incognito belt

The Clear Choice Incognito Belt is an option for those who need to pass a drug test in person. This product is an adjustable velcro belt with a 1-year shelf life and is biocide-free.


  • Easy to conceal
  • You can mix any time within shelf life
  • One-time use, but can be mixed on demand

Clear Choice Incognito Belt

  • The belt can be bulky
  • Pre-mixed, so it has a shorter shelf life
  • Only good for two uses

Check out the Clear Choice website if you think it suits your needs.

Quick Luck

quick luck synthetic urine kit

The last alternative to TestClear on the market is Quick Luck, a biocide and toxin-free, heat-activated, unisex, and undetectable synthetic urine kit that is low-priced and easy to use.

Quick Luck is guaranteed by the manufacturer to be effective, comes with a pre-mix for easy use, has a high success rate, has heat pads and powder, offers low-cost delivery, and offers a money-back guarantee. It also has an optional practice kit that you can pay extra for.


  • Authentic dehydrated urine
  • More expensive

Quick Luck

  • Synthetic urine
  • Has practice kit option 

Get the best price on Quick Luck here


As you can see, TestClear is a reliable and trustworthy urine kit that can help a buyer pass a drug test. It removes the uncertainty and stress of having to produce a negative result from a spontaneous or supervised drug test. It’s got easy instructions and all the hallmarks of the real deal since the kit uses dehydrated urine. It has a very high success rate, with the company boasting no failures thus far.

However, be sure to order your supply in advance since there is a hefty premium in overnight fees. Click here to check out this foolproof product!

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