Gawker has been trolling the terrorist bulletin boards and websites and they've turned up comedy musical gold.

Apparently international terrorism brand Al-Qaeda has been successful in expanding their fanbase to flawless English-speaking youngsters with a love of hip-hop and AutoTune. Gawker reposted a couple of videos with songs praising Osama Bin Laden (“How beautiful you are / Your sword gleams in the sun / Like a shining star”) and inciting people all over the Muslim world (and the rest of the world) to revolt against American oppression.

Granted, most of the lyrics are not that different from your average political statements by Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, or M.I.A., though the rhetoric of the AutoTuned jihadis sometimes gets way out of control with the anti-semitism and the overt invitations to blow shit up.

Here are the videos for you terrorism fetishists. The first one has subtitles:

The other one features gloriously inept AutoTune. Click the Gawker link for video.

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