Yes, yes, the '90s have gone the way of the flannel shirt, BUT they are making a comeback faster than you can say “Citizen Dick” (the Day-Glo '80s could only interest newborn hipsters for so long). That being said, the drummer of the fictional band from Singles, the one and only Eddie Vedder, will be rocking The Wiltern tonight. Armed with an acoustic guitar, a ukulele and assortment of other surprises (for example, Ben Harper and Jack Irons performed with the icon at his last gig at the venue 2008), here are Ten Reasons To See Eddie Vedder Tonight (Besides Reliving Your Grunge Glory Days):

10. The new album is pretty fucking good.

9. The Wiltern rocks and the odds of seeing Vedder at a venue this small is highly unlikely, unless you have enough money to pay the band to play at your wedding, but even that is as likely as the Dodgers being rescued from the evil clutches of Frank McCourt.

8. You never know who's going to show up. At Wednesday's show in Long Beach, Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready popped in for an impromptu (at least to the audience) rendition of the PJ classic “Yellow Ledbetter,” prompting hearts to stop and leading denizens of fans to STILL try to figure out the lyrics 19 years later. Personally, we're hoping Harper and/or producer Brendan O'Brien make an appearance. Either would be wicked.

7. Vedder is the last remaining star to stay true to his roots. Yes, that's right Chris Cornell; we're looking at you. Vedder made “Ukulele Songs” on his own, without enlisting someone like Timbaland to fuck shit up. (Though it would have been AMAZING to hear what would have happened if he collaborated with frequent PJ producer O'Brien.)

6. The set list. What Pearl Jam, and Vedder in particular, have been experts at is changing the set list from night to night. Though the structure may be the same, you never know what you're gonna get. It could be a stripped down outtake from Ten or a haunting number from their more recent releases. Fans, especially Pearl Jam's rabid fan base, go nuts for what they haven't heard.

5. Posters. Pearl Jam has been known for their badass, limited edition posters, which generally change from venue to venue. Get there early because these things fetch a pretty penny on eBay. If you want to keep one for yourself, it looks amazing above your fireplace hung beneath your Brad and Mad Season albums. Not that we know from, uh, personal decorating experience.

4. Humor. One thing the Vedderman can be counted on for is his dry, self-deprecating humor. He's always humble, yet manages to mock himself for the crazy life he's lived. From recounting stories about Springsteen to Sean Penn, you are going to be sure to get an insider's look behind the curtain of a life that mere mortals can only dream of living.

3. Covers, covers, covers. Ever wonder what it would be like to hear Vedder channel his inner Bob Dylan, Pete Townshend, Springsteen or tackle a traditional standard? Then this is the place to see it because God knows Pearl Jam ain't gonna be playing the 1932 classic “Picture In A Frame.”

2. Vedder is not only alive (har, har), but 20 years later, is still making incredible music. Cobain and Staley are dead. Enough said.

1. When else are you going to be able to check out one of the last icons of the '90s? And no, the latest Ethan Hawke work doesn't count, sorry.

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