John North at ABC7 this week takes a fresh look at the salaries of Los Angeles City Council members and finds that 10 of 15 have volunteered to take pay cuts as the city has undertaken belt-tightening measures that include closing libraries on Mondays, fewer overtime hours for police and less attention to potholes, among other things.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's office tells North he continues to take a 16 percent pay cut. Seven of the 10 council members who have agreed to slash their own pay took 10 percent cuts, according to ABC7. The five who have refused to reduce their salaries include one councilman who's already getting a six-figure city pension:

Bernard Parks gets a $265,000 annual pension for his top-cop work at the police department.But he's keeping his council salary right where it is, which is nearly $179,000.

Jan Perry and Janice Hahn are included in the group that have agreed to take five percent cuts.

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