By Jacob Katel

We all know that there are lots of ways to become immortalized at a massive outdoor music gathering like Ultra Music Festival. Say, dancing naked while getting arrested. But your momma would probably prefer if you were immortalized among the below ravers shaking their shit at Ultra 2013.

10. Twerk Au Natural

Dancing to: Major Lazer

When it's hot outside it's important to create a bit of air by staying in motion.

9. Harlem (Belly) Shake

Dancing to: Major Lazer

No joke — this dude literally had the 10,000-strong amphitheater audience screaming for him.

8. Balla' Rina

Dancing to: Benny Benassi

And if anybody ever talks shit about tutus again, please ask them politely to shut their mouths.

7. Global Village People

Dancing to: Laidback Luke

In the native Ultrarian culture, this dance causes bass to fall from the sky.

6. O Face

Dancing to: 12th Planet

Check out the dude on the right.

5. I See Wet People

Dancing to: Laidback Luke

No one on the site stayed on fire for very long.

4. Burqueños

Dancing to: Benny Benassi

This crew hails from the city of the Breaking Bad, and they party harder than a fresh batch of Heisenberg. One time for the Lobos landed up in the MIA.

3. EDM Fitness

Dancing to: Magda

With only ten reps of “soul house,” five sets of “trance lifts,” and 30 intense minutes of “air keys” a day, you too can achieve the ideal party body.

2. Hoop There It Is

Dancing to: Bingo Players

This might also have something to do with genies in bottles.

1. The First Lady Of Twerkistan

Dancing to: Major Lazer

United Nations recognition should be arriving shortly!

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