If you watch a lot of food television or are one of the lucky few who have actually gotten a reservation at Michael Voltaggio's Ink, you may have already made an appointment with your local tattoo artist to get a groovy new food tattoo. But if you don't want permanent ink — or are too young to get one without your parent's permission — you may want to try a temporary version. Lucky for you, these days you have more options than what you fish out of a box of breakfast cereal.

Like these pretty awesome temporary tattoos from Brooklyn artist Julie Rothman at Tattly: cool drawings of common kitchen utensils that you can take off if you want to. Because while having a 2 foot-long tattoo of a Bob Kramer knife on your thigh might seem like a good idea now, it may seem less so a few decades from now at the suburban assisted living facility.

Rothman's temporary ink designs are simple and kind of gorgeous. A whisk. A grater. A wine bottle opener. They're 2 inches by three inches in size, and will run you $5 for a set of two. Which means you can change your mind when you trade your Pacojet for a Leica camera (Rothman also designs camera tattoos). And they're a lot cheaper than the hefty sums required for good permanent ink — money you might need for that trip to Voltaggio's restaurant anyway.

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