Kick-Ass is a movie, based on Mark Millar's comic book and coming out in theaters on April 16, about a couple of teenage nerds, and one delusional, psychotic revenge-seeking-cop-spawned 11 year old girl, who become superheroes via sheer force of will, media savvy, and the availability of hardcore weaponry on the internet. Said young female ass-kicker, called Hit Girl, is clad alternately in a shot schoolgirl skrt and pigtails, and a purple bobbed wig/cat-eye mask/snug pleather onesie combo. Both costumes scream two things: 1) “sexy” college girl and/or hip mom Halloween costume; and 2) ironic post-Diablo Cody stripper.

It appears that Lionsgate's branding team is more than cognizant of the pre-tween Hit Girl's potential sexualization: this Saturday night, they're co-sponsoring (with Devil's Playground) A Kick-Ass Evening of Burlesque and Cabaret at Bordello Bar. A burlesque show designed to promote a movie whose lead heroine is on the verge of puberty feels a little bit wrong, but a “cabaret” designed to promote a movie whose core audience is 12 year-old boys? On a marketing level, that seems so wrong that it could just come full circle back to genius.

LA Weekly