Turns out golden-voiced homeless man turned rehabber Ted Williams, whose story of life on the street was punctuated with job offers from Kraft foods and the Cleveland Cavaliers, has some experience in broadcasting already.

Perhaps his story isn't a dream come true but a nightmare coming to an end.

LA Observed reports that word is Williams worked here in L.A., at “CBS2 Action News” (as it was called at the time) as an assignment editor in the late 1980s and early 1990s. If so, the station didn't seem to care about the honey smooth voice that has rocked the nation, but …

… it did probably care about his brains.

Because we've witnessed what goes on behind the scenes in broadcast journalism and have to say that assignment editors we've come across are sharper than Camille Grammer's nails and faster than L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa darting toward a TV news camera.

Ted Williams — what happened?

Alcohol, that's what happened (apparently). Williams admitted to Dr. Phil this week that although he had told others he was going on two years sober, that's not the case.

He agreed to enter rehab. So we guess the Cavs will have to wait. Or will local news stations fight to put him behind an anchor desk?

Meanwhile, another potential gig has fallen in Williams' lap:

A Craigslist pretender called Tedslist is offering him a job, too:

“We have some ideas and would love to work with Ted on them,” says the site's Randy Miller. “We're just having a difficult time getting a direct contact with him, and don't have the financial resources the larger firms do, so this is a call to Ted Williams to contact us.”

Huh. Let's see. NBA, or lame-ass copycat site we've never heard of.

Tough choices, Ted. Get well soon.

LA Weekly