Taleban Dooda Looks Back for No One: Florida rapper Taleban Dooda has released new single and video “Look Back For No One.”

It’s an upbeat tune, perfect for shaking away some of the cold weather blues that might be setting in post the changing of the clocks.

“Over this backdrop, his wavy cadence collides with the melodic chorus,” reads the press release. “In a moment of reflection, he cuts deep on the hook, ‘No, you can’t press rewind, but there’s something I advise. Look back for no one’.”

Earlier this year, Dooda released his project Taleban vs. Dooda.

“Taleban vs. Dooda arrived after a busy year in which Dooda continues to build on the momentum he accumulated last year with his disarmingly cohesive Step Wit A Passion and White Chalk & Yellow Tape mixtape,” to reads. “Prior to that, he dropped a series of singles, including ‘Foreigns & Trackhawks,’ ‘Sunset,’ and ‘Call 100 Times.’ Taleban Dooda flaunts a fresh and ferocious sound of his own, and it only continues to captivate.”

Taleban Dooda Looks Back for No One: Taleban Doona’s “Look Back for No One” is out now.




























































































































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