So the DVF party on Sat was a fun lil fete (see Steffie's post below) but heck, I haven't even told ya about my Grammy week craziness…. Well you can read the condensed version in my Nightranger column this Thursday (and by the way, please read the old columns here and here to catch up on my activities…sorry I've been MIA lately).

So first off, what does everybody think about the new Style Council banner? Can ya tell who's who? We were going for a kinda Charlies Angels type feel but if you no likey please let us know… there's been some debate about whether or not we'll be keeping it.

Anyway, Monday was like the most bizarre action-packed night ever, and for me that's saying something (ask Steffie… after the DVF party I dragged her to not one or two, but three more parties/clubs that night, including a full-on drag club…see pic of my longtime BBW BFF “Momma” and her “twin-sista” below).

So Mon., I had to sneak onto Hollywood Blvd to see The Fugees who I didn't even know were playing but just happened to have set up their stage right outside Basque, the club where  The Crystal Method were having their premiere party for London starring Jessica Biel. Jess was there looking hot of course, but I didn't recognize anyone else so I went  to the dressing room area and hung with the TCM guys (so nice!) in a fur-covered room that I'm told is the same space where Brad Pitt and a bunch o' young Hollywood types played cards in in Ocean's 11. Cool hang but I'm actually kinda on the fence about Basque itself… it's a bit cheesy and Disneyland-land-like, and the bartenders wear corsets which look so damn uncomfortable,  I even excused a rude bar-maiden who bitched when I ordered the sponsored drink of the night, “If you guys keep ordering mojitos, you're gonna have to wait longer dammit!” she scoffed as she crushed mint for my cocktail and I played with the party “prop” on the bar – a bowl of white powder and rolled up dollar bills. Either they do a lot of coke in the flick or they were just inspired by the electro duo's moniker, but either way, I think it disappointed people to find out it wasn't real, especially the really fucked up ones.

Next, it was onto the Henry Fonda for The Black Eyed Peas benefit. Great, melodious music by the group and the legendary Sergio Mendes, but you wanna know about Justin Timberlake doncha? Well he sang like bird and he looked handsome, not like a boy but a man. Here's a shot of him with Will-i-am (below). Next, it was onto Avalon where Kanye West performed. Kinda think he's too full of himself but I gotta give him props- he rocked the house. Loved his DJ too who spun Al Green and James Brown  midway thru the set. So the next day I got a buncha emailed gossip from my spies about what went down for inclusion in Nightranger, but I never have room for all the dirt I get really, plus I like to see stuff with my own eyes. Still, it was pretty juicy stuff so I figure I'll just post it here for you special blog readers. Gossip blogs are all the rage these days right?

Interesting happenings:Tom Cruise raised hands in approval when Kanye sang about the need for a pre-nup when getting married – he was there without pregnant Katie Holmes. Tom heaped praise on Kanye throughout the performance – yelling out 'Wow' and 'unf**king believable' – Tom was rewarded by a shout out from Kanye.During Kanye's performance Tom Cruise climbed up onto a balcony, using ropes to pull himself up, to escape crowds. By hauling himself up he joined Kanye's friends and family to watch the rest of the concertBritney Spears and Kevin Federline watched the performance from an opera booth above the stage. They actually got into a fight and Britney stormed out of the club. Kevin stayed at the party, drinking. Jessica and Ashley Simpson attended, but didn't want to walk the red carpet so they entered through the back. Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine, rumored to be dating Jess, was also at the concert .Paris Hilton partied in a private opera box with friends overlooking the stage. She was busy dancing but soon moved to the front of the box when Kanye took to the stage. She spent a lot of time kissing and cuddling with her fiancée Starvos. She was also busy checking her glitzy silver blackberry.Jeremy Piven was on the Spider Club dance floor drinking and chatting with several blonde women, after Kanye's performance.Jay-Z was there to support Kanye. He was keeping things under wraps – walking around Spider Club with his hoodie on after watching Kanye perform.

Okay, and that was just last Monday people. I'll be back in tomorrow to tell ya all about the other parties I went to this week, but right now I have to go spin my wheels like I do every Monday night (if you know where, come see me!). Speaking of which I've got some amazing gigs lined up for the coming months and I'll posting them here first! Be on the lookout!

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