For Scottish rockers Frightened Rabbit, the plan last week was simple:

“Wake up. Fly to LA. Pick up Ray Bans. Play Coachella. Hang out with friends in LA. Party. Sleep. Drive to Tempe AZ. Play show. Hang out. Drive to TX.”

Then that damn Eyjafjallajökull got in the way! Just like a volcano to ruin all the fun. The band was something of an underdog story for this year's Coachella. Playing to Coachella's sweaty masses could have been a turning point for the upstarts, but instead they were stuck in Heathrow Airport watching online videos of “two women wrestle each other for a wedding dress in the name of light comedy.” After canceling many dates of their first North American tour, some good news finally comes from the band's makeshift home at a London area motel:

Frightened Rabbit (or Frightened Rabbi according to the Guardian) will headline the Henry Fonda Theater May 23rd for their largest L.A. show to date.

More details to come, but until then… Volcanos ain't that bad.

Rabbit Eruption!

Volcanoes are so metal, right?

LA Weekly