It wasn't enough that 25-year-old Victor Alfonso Martinez allegedly refused to pay his bus fare last night. The L.A. Sheriff's Department says that the young man, after a heated verbal tussle with the 54-year-old MTA bus driver (hey, respect your elders, man), ran three whole blocks to catch up with the bus, and — when the doors opened to let passengers on and off — Martinez allegedly sprayed the driver in the face with a round of pellets.

Some people just can't let shit go.

What's especially silly in this case is that Martinez is the one who screwed up in the first place. To recap: The Man won't let me drive for free — bahhhhhh pellets!

The sheriff's Transit Services Bureau, alongside LAPD officers, manhunted the suspect through South L.A. for about an hour before finding Martinez an impressive number of blocks from the MTA stop. They're pretty sure it's him, though, considering he matched the traumatized bussie's description and was carrying a pellet gun. (Hey, could be coincidence.)

If Martinez is indeed the crook, check how far he booked it before officers sniffed him down:

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That's Main Street and 53rd Street to Flower Street and 62nd Place. Impressive.

And all that after initially running the three blocks from Main Street and 50th Street in a fit of rage to exact revenge on his bus driver, who, as we explained, had the audacity to ask for the suspect's money in exchange for a ride. With that kind of legpower, we're not sure why the guy doesn't just run everywhere instead of taking a snaily MTA route.

Martinez, man, if it was you: Drivers don't set these ridiculous fares. The MTA Board of Directors and executives do. So get mad, fine, but not at the poor pawn behind the wheel.

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