Take A Dive: How These Partners Built A Successful Social Media Company

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True North Founders; Kellis Landrum (left) Kenny Bost (right)

Kenny Bost and Kellis Landrum have made a career out of creating unique, creative social media solutions for the never ending technological changes that occur daily.

For nearly twenty years, Kellis has provided development, design, creativity, and strategy to clients as the Co-Founder of True North Social. The company has provided services for a variety of clients including Remax, Bristol Farms, Shawn White and Cutera, providing them with strategies and creative designs that are fresh and up-to-date with the latest trends.

Kenny, the Co-Founder of True North Social, spent years working in the field of social media marketing and public relations. He wanted to create a unique company that focused on social strategies with new-age, creative directing. He also wanted clients to have comprehensive knowledge about social campaigns. Television programs such as Disney, CBS, Lost, I Love Lucy, and others were all handled by Kenny.

The pair split the workload and focused on interior design, furniture, and hospitality in the beginning stages of the company. They worked together to focus on social media and using it as a way to get traffic to client’s websites. True North started with the two founders in a living room in 2015 and now has a growing team of fourteen writers and designers and marketers.

What Makes True North Social Different

True North Social is working to take digital marketing in a new direction. From Kenny Bost-

“We focus on telling a story. Every client has something unique and interesting about them. We take what ever that thing is that makes them special, and present is in the best possible way. That happens visually through photography and video, and well as with all of the copy we write. It sound easy when you say it like that, but in practice it takes a team of people with a lot of experience to pull it off right.”

The company is not a niche-based company either. They take clients of all kinds without discriminating and create unique strategies for them all, regardless of what the company does. They have internal photographers to help generate content, which are especially useful for companies who do not have their own.

Because everything they offer is unique and customizable, they don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to business. . Every message and goal is streamlined and focused on helping the client reach their full potential in their strategies and social media goals.

“It’s a huge time and stress reliever for our clients to work with us,” Kellis said.

Working with multiple agencies can get overwhelming and things tend to get lost in the noise. That’s why True North Social works to be the one source a client needs to reach their full potential. They focus on using digital marketing techniques like social media, SEO and ads to drive traffic to their clients sites. Once a potential client hits the site, proper website design and development ensures the best possible chance of a website visitor converting to a lead or a sale.

How True North Social Stays on Top of Trends

Social media is ever-changing and continually evolving.

“When we first started, there were square posts, no tagging, no reels, no stories… Now you can shop and check out with a credit card on Instagram,” Kenny said.

The struggle with ever-changing social media is that digital marketing agencies, such as True North Social, must stay on top of the updates and changes while growing the audience of the client. Every time there is a new change to a social media platform, the strategy has to change a bit.

True North Social makes sure they know everything about new updates and changes in order to reach the target audience of the client. They utilize Direct Messaging, automation, influencers, Facebook ads, and other strategies to boost their client’s reach.

Since the company has been around for a while, they see the changes happening and can even predict the changes before they show up. They are masters of social media. For example, when Facebook starts rejecting ads, they find that usually it’s Facebook changing things rather than the clients being the issue.

Since they have been in the business for quite some time, they easily connect with others who have been handling social media even longer. They can get advice through others in the business when they need it and learn how to never overreact or get scared about things changing. Through other social media companies, they have learned the importance of jumping on trends and working on the next trend to maximize their client’s reach.

3 Keys to Their Success

With the need so high for social media and advertising to reflect a company’s brand and reach their target audience, True North Social has 3 keys to success that they follow and teach to others.

The first is building a community with clients. A relationship between the client and the company can make a huge difference when it comes to reaching their goals and an overall positive experience. Setting up expectations in the beginning with a clear cut plan for success and a true relationship will make clients more inclined to utilize your services.

The second key to success is experience and expertise in the field. Always learning and staying up to date on trends and updates in social media will make you an expert in the field with solid experience under your belt. Taking on clients and learning as you make mistakes will only benefit your future in social media.

The last key to success that True North Social has is learning how to have an efficient process. Knowing what works best and fastest for your client and your company will set you apart amongst other companies offering similar services. Learn how to work efficiently and well so that your process is what clients need.

“We know what works. We have proven through success that we are able to use our clients’ money best to accomplish their goals,” Kenny said.

IF you would like to learn more about how they built their business or the services they offer their clients, you can visit their Instagram, their Youtube Channel or truenorthsocial.com.

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