To everyone who crowded into the Hollywood Palladium parking lot yesterday to eat tacos — plate after plate of mole tacos and sea urchin tacos and octopus tacos — we salute you. LA Weekly's first annual Tacolandia festival, a happy celebration of one of the world's greatest dishes, was held yesterday afternoon. If you missed it to go ride your bike or watch zombie movies, we're sorry. Maybe check out the slideshow and mark your calendar for next year's event. If you went, you might still be thinking about what you ate — and probably wishing about now that some of the folks in attendance had a taqueria on your street corner. Of course, depending on where you live, maybe they do.

Some of the highlights? Javier Plascencia's Misión 19 booth handed out plates of fideo and tripe tacos, a dish that Ricky Piña of Ricky's Fish Tacos, who was there off-duty, noted appreciatively that you'd never see on a restaurant menu, much less one of the caliber of Plascencia's celebrated Tijuana restaurant. Ricardo Zarate (Mo-Chica, Picca, Paiche) dished out some pretty amazing pork belly tacos, while a few yards away, the folks from Tacos Kokopelli grilled octopus for their kraken tacos — which you can also find on the menu at Petty Cash — over an open fire.

Jimmy Shaw's Loteria Grill served up a pair of tacos, a “bilingual taco” with pork and beef tongue, and “Three Little Piggies,” with pork in three forms, carnitas, bacon and chicharrón. Gish Bac had both slow-cooked lamb and guajillo chile-sauced goat, while Mariscos Jalisco passed out their beloved shrimp tacos. And over at Sabina Banderas' recreated Ensenada taco stand La Guerrerense, Banderas and her daughter dished up smaller versions of their justly celebrated seafood tacos.

So if you're in serious taco withdrawal now, maybe plan on having lunch and maybe dinner too with some of the taquerias, restaurants and trucks who generously spent their afternoon in a parking lot yesterday. They came to you, now maybe it's time for you to go to them.

See also: Tacolandia slideshow.

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