The nice thing about sticking with MySpace is that, occasionally, one of the hundreds of bands that have somehow ended up on your friend list will post an interesting bulletin. Such was the case Friday night when Fullerton-based synthpop band Anything Box alerted their fans to an acoustic cover of the group's 1989 hit, “Living in Oblivion.”

The cover that perked up the ears of Anything Box is performed by two friends, Odie, who plays with a band out in Phoenix called Champagne Tap, and Fred, an Angeleno who is a member of metal band Antimida. It is one of two synthpop classics (the other being Depeche Mode's “Never Let Me Down”) that the duo transcribed for guitar and recorded in one night.

“Although I've listened to the songs for years, we never actually tried to cover either song,” said Odie via email. “We literally transcribed and learned the songs on guitars an hour before recording them. You can see me reading the exact lyrics to “Living in Oblivion” off a sheet sitting on my coffee table. You think you know a song until you try and sing it and mumble through a quarter of it.”

LA Weekly