Maybe the DEA had good cause when it banned so-called synthetic marijuana in an emergency move that took effect in March.

Researchers recently revealed that the drug can cause up to eight days of psychosis and, in some cases, “months” worth of mental chaos.

And you thought shrooms were hardcore.

The findings were revealed over the weekend at the American Psychiatric Association's annual meeting.

The research was done right here in Southern California.

According to an association statement, researchers looked at ten patients admitted to the Naval Medical Center in San Diego for symptoms related to use of the synth pot, sold

under such brands as Spice and K2.

The users …

… experienced ongoing psychotic symptoms, including auditory and visual hallucinations, paranoid delusions, odd or flat affect, thought blocking, disorganized speech, thoughts of suicide, insomnia, slowed reaction times, agitation and anxiety. Psychotic symptoms generally resolved between five and eight days after admission, but in some cases continued three months or longer.

We've said it before and we'll say it again. Why?

This stuff makes medical marijuana look downright wholesome.


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