One of the most buzzed LA bands going right now is The Henry Clay People, whose debut on Autumn Tone Records has set them on a crash course with … something. Rumors are swirling about them signing today with a big name management company, and their gigs here will no doubt be teeming with executives. The cool thing is that the band is hooked in with the Aquarium Drunkard blog, who also runs Autumn Tone, so a lot of good people are getting good exposure.

Anyway, if you're in Austin today, check out this show.

We'll also be swinging by Little Radio's day party at the Red Eyed Fly (715 Red River St) to see the Afternoons, who people can't stop talking about. Go there.

02:20-03:00 Afternoons

02:50-03:20 Adam Freeland

03:20-04:00 Alberta Cross

03:50-04:20 Rumspringa

04:20-05:00 Viva Voce

04:50-05:20 Loch Lomond

05:20-06:00 Port O'brien

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