As SXSW approaches, we figured we'd be a little servicey and give you a guide to some of the highlights of the official showcases, alphabet style. Last week we gave you A through D; today it's E-H. So here we go: five more awesome bands to see in SXSW's official lineup.


LA via PA multi-instrumentalist Evan Voytas makes catchy, insular space-disco as well as pop-heavy music filled with synths and hooky melodies that draw from the best elements of '70s pop and contemporary chillwave.

When: Wednesday March 16 at 1 am

Where: Swan Dive

Info: 21+


Exene Cervenka, of course, is a member of quintessential LA punk band X, as well as The Knitters and The Original Sinners. Her solo work is reflective of its birthplace–the agitated quiet of her Missouri living room. The songs are sparse, intimate, and poetic. The music tames her punk roots, but keeps the raw and soulful energy that X fans came to love.

When: Saturday March 19 at 9:20 pm

Where: the Red Eyed Fly

Info: 18+


Fitz and the Tantrums serve up blistering performances of soul-inspired pop, relying heavily on vintage organs, horns, and tight drum beats. There's no guitar but it's not needed–co-lead-singers Michael Fitzpatrick and Noelle Scaggs fill up the room with their energy. Guaranteed to be a floor-filling performance.

When: Friday March 18 at 2pm

Where: Radio Day Stage

Info: 21+


We cannot get enough of Glasser. Her unconventional take on electronic music, her soaring and gorgeous vocals–well, it's clear why her 2010 album, Ring, got such rave reviews from so many sources. We can think of no better place to see her than a church in Austin.

Where: Central Presbyterian Church

When: Thursday March 17, 10PM

Info: all ages


Hanni el-Khatib will take the stage with nothing but a guitar and a drummer, and yet he will fill the room with his raw guitar salvos and soulful voice. Think the White Stripes with some gasoline and a little more dirt, and you have Hanni El-Khatib.

Where: Habana Bar

When: Friday March 18, 10:00PM

Info: 21+

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