SweetLeaf is Changing the Way We Enjoy Our Favorite Foods

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SweetLeaf®, the experts in all-natural and zero-calorie sweeteners, launched over 40 years ago and continues to lead the sweetener industry by innovating new, healthier and low-sugar ways to eat and drink our favorite foods. As more and more people become aware of the health issues associated with high sugar consumption, such as diabetes, SweetLeaf is stepping in to drive awareness of healthier, natural alternatives for those looking to reduce their sugar intake.

SweetLeaf’s vision is simple: helping people live better and healthier lives. Through a multi-activation sponsorship including special events, the brand has recently supported the American Diabetes Association®(ADA) to raise awareness about the importance of reducing sugar in their diets. With over 37 million Americans (or 11.3%) living with diabetes1, this sponsorship with the ADA promotes healthier lifestyles for everyone through education on a balanced, healthy approach to eating plans.

SweetLeaf products are all-natural, low/zero-sugar, low/zero-calorie, non-glycemic, diabetes- and keto-friendly, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. An article provided by Good Housekeeping for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution suggests using Good Housekeeping Nutritionist-Approved SweetLeaf for flavoring foods and beverages. Additionally, it received the 2018 Clean Choice Award from Clean Eating and Well Good, ranking above other sweeteners. These awards and recognitions are a testament to SweetLeaf’s commitment to providing the best possible products for its customers.

SweetLeaf’s wide variety of products deliver sweetness for everyone’s needs. Our stevia and monk fruit sweeteners (available in granular and powder) are the perfect replacement for wherever you use sugar such as in coffee, tea, recipes, and more.  Enhance your water with delicious, fruity SweetLeaf Water Drops® like Raspberry Lemonade and Strawberry Kiwi. Love flavor in your coffee? Try our flavored Monk Fruit liquid sweeteners to add rich, decadent flavors including Caramel Macchiato and French Vanilla. In addition, add our zero sugar stevia syrups to your pancakes and waffles!  Whether you need to cut sugar from your diet for health reasons or just want to reduce sugar for a healthy lifestyle, SweetLeaf is the perfect sugar alternative.

The way we think about sugar is changing, and it’s time to embrace a new and healthier way of sweetening our foods and drinks. Let’s embrace this change and start a new chapter in our healthy eating journey. So, what are you waiting for? Try SweetLeaf today! SweetLeaf products are available at Kroger, Publix, Walmart, Menards, Sprouts, Whole Foods Market, Albertson’s Companies, Natural Grocers, Amazon, and through sweetleaf.com. To learn more about SweetLeaf and its products, visit sweetleaf.com.

1 www.cdc.gov/diabetes/data/statistics-report/index.html

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