Luxbae, one of the most trusted hair salon and med spa brands in Los Angeles, started with the passion of a hair coloring expert, Suzzie Monroe. After finding success in the fashion, magazine, and movie industries, Monroe decided to share her talents with the masses by offering a personalized menu of services through her salon and medspa concept Luxbae. Luxbae currently has a growing client base in the thousands and operates at two different locations in Los Angeles with the opening of the newest in West Hollywood earlier this month.

Monroe made a name for herself as a world renowned colorist specializing in unique shades of blonde not found in any pre-mixed color catalogue. As the brand’s influence grew significantly, Luxbae expanded their services to face and body treatments offering a hyper-customized menu that caters to the individual rather than the masses. Among many of the services they offer, are state of the art body contouring treatments that can address a wide variety of client concerns with non-surgical yet impactful results.


Luxbae’s hands-free and non-invasive body contouring treatment uses Radio-Frequency (RF) Energy and Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology, offering treatment styles in three different settings: tite, trim, and tone. Each of these serves a specific function in improving the look of the client’s physique. Depending on the client’s desired outcome, Luxbae’s specialists will design a custom combination of treatments for maximum results. Once a cycle of treatments are completed, the results can be permanent with little to no downtime.


The trim treatment’s primary purpose is to melt unwanted excess fat by permanently killing fat cells. Even with diet and exercise, there may be areas of the body where stubborn fat remains present. This technology is perfect for those who want to reduce that fat by up to 30%.


The tone treatment can help build muscle abs, biceps, buttocks, and quads by inducing muscle contractions. One 30-minute session amounts to an estimated 20,000 crunches, which can result in up to 18% to 24% muscle growth. In addition, there will be no lactic acid buildup, meaning clients won’t have to go through post-workout soreness with this method.


Losing fat and gaining muscle can result in the appearance of loose and sagging skin in parts of the body. Although this naturally happens with weight loss, post-pregnancy, and aging, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be treated. With the skin tightening treatment, the skin can be tightened to return it to its original shape and look firmer.

With an added benefit of no downtime, all of Luxbae’s treatments are safe and personalized for all skin types. Clients who want to get a consultation for the treatment can visit Luxbae to schedule an appointment to enjoy a curated selection of non-invasive face and body contouring, high-tech facials, skin remodeling, and scientifically-proven skincare treatments.

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