The LA Times reported yesterday that at least 22 Eastside taco truck vendors have been robbed, at gunpoint, over the last few months. 22 robberies have been reported, but police assume that there have likely been more that have gone unreported, due to fear within the community.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is seeking the public's help to locate Nery Perez, the 21 year-old tagger who has been tied to the robberies, which have occurred along Whittier Boulevard, Olympic Boulevard and Cesar Chavez Ave. According to the LAT story, Nerez is a member of “Fearless Kings,” a tagging crew that has been given gang status as a result of the string of robberies. Investigators say that Perez and four other members of the Fearless Kings were committing 2-3 robberies a day. The four suspects have been arrested; as of yesterday, police were still looking for Perez.

LA Weekly