One night and one night only, women love to bounce their little kitty…during vacation.

And more than 40 percent of them under 30, according to a survey conducted by, an online dating site that matches rich men who don't like to travel alone with attractive women ages 18 to 30.

The survey polled their 30,000 female British members, hence the under 30 “finding”.

Ladies, long awaited summer trip nearing? Consider packing a handful of condoms along with your sun block and other essentials in your fanny pack, because –

Sixty-five percent reported more than one sexual partner in a week's vacation and the other 35 percent having only one – don't want VD to ruin a vacay.

The CEO of, Brandon Wade, thinks the reason why women are more 'sexually liberal' during vacation is because “they are out of their comfort zone.”

“Once they get into their bikini or travel to an exciting new city our members' thoughts turn to sex. This has been true for many centuries – travel is a great aphrodisiac. It shakes up your normal routine and makes everyone, not just women, much more sexually adventurous, ” said Wade to the Daily Mail.

Effortlessly tempting...

Effortlessly tempting…

He also mentions, “almost one in three of our members have had sex on the beach.”

So if you're one of those extra prepared travelers, and afraid of the possibility of sand getting all up on your rubber, the very forgiving and lifesaver of a pill, Plan B, has got your back for the great state of emergency. Of course, if you're willing to shell out a mere 50 dollars at the pharmacy counter.

And the most popular place to pick up the men? The majority 48 percent said a nightclub or bar – the clusterfuck infamous for guys grinding their hard ons right behind you. That sounds pretty correct.

Nothing beats refreshing, mind clearing time of relaxation, and hooking up. Yes.

Let the summer sexing commence!

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