Okay, so the Trashmen were from Minneapolis, not LA, which means we're breaking a rule for these word clouds that says to be eligible for West Coast Sound inclusion an artist must be from LA. But screw that: they're singing about surfing, which is totally LA, and they're singing about birds, which people flip to other people all the time on the highways, so we're going to include “Surfin' Bird” as a word cloud.

awesome; the Black Flag Damaged was as bleak and depressing as we assumed, and the word cloud of Pet Sounds, the Beach Boys' bittersweet take on California life, was melancholia defined.

Don't know “Surfin' Bird”? You should know “Surfin' Bird” before you see the word cloud.

So there's that. If you don't want Peter singing along, well then listen to the song in its entirety.

Having trouble understanding the words? Here's some help:

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