Surf Mesa Loses His Mind: Surf Mesa started producing music in middle school when his older brother got FL Studio (music production software) on the family PC.

“I would always DJ parties locally in Seattle, but didn’t take it seriously until I moved to L.A. after high school and “ily” started taking off,” he says.

Today, he describes his sound simply as “music for good feels.” Meanwhile, he thinks that electronic music in general is primed for a resurgence.

“I truly believe in the power of electronic music to bring people together and think it will have a resurgence now that shows are coming back,” he says. “I hope to see other producers and DJs my age start to get into it. And I want to bring a fresh, youthful energy to the genre.”

His latest track (and accompanying visual) is “Lose My Mind.”

“There’s so much evolving in technology right now – from AI, to NFT’s, to crazy advances in science and spaceflight,” he says. “I wanted to start talking about what it means to be human and experience human emotion in these ‘futuristic’ times. ‘Lose My Mind’ and the visual we created is the beginning of this story – what does it mean to be in love and to be human when we’re all starting to live more and more online and shape the ‘online’ version of ourselves?”

Looking ahead, the artist is psyched to get out and play shows as things open up.

“It’s been so strange (but still amazing) to have a big song (‘ily’) during the pandemic and not be able to play shows,” he says. “I’ve been working non-stop on crafting what a Surf Mesa live set is going to sound and look like. It’s going to be a party every time. I’m playing some incredible festivals — Life Is Beautiful, Firefly, and CRSSD San Diego — this fall, in addition to my headline debut shows at the Roxy in L.A. (Sept. 11) and Baby’s All Right in NY (Sept. 23). Hope to see you guys out there.”

Surf Mesa Loses His Mind: “Lose My Mind” feat. Bipolar Sunshine is out now.

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