Slow reading is about to get more expensive. At least for patrons of the 84-branch county library system. The Associated Press reports that yesterday the Board of Supervisors voted to raise late fees a nickle to 30 cents a day, while the service cost of replacing lost books shoots from $7.50 to $10 per item. No doubt wishing to instill lessons of fiscal responsibility upon youth, the supes are also including a five-cent late-book hike for kids' materials, up from a dime.

The fine increases, AP says, are to take effect in 60 days and will add $350,000 to county coffers annually. When reached by phone, a worker at Hollywood's Frances Goldwyn branch said L.A. city libraries such as hers are not raising their late fees. That is because, as L.A. Public Library spokesman Peter Persic later told the L.A. Weekly, the city already raised its 72 libraries' overdue fees five cents in March — up to 35 cents for adults, 15 cents for children's books.

LA Weekly