Superstar Pride Paints Pictures: Fast-rising rapper Superstar Pride has released now single and video “Painting Pictures,” and as the title suggests, it’s a lyrically vivid gem.

“I used to be too vulnerable with my music and I was shy, but then I started going through so much shit in life to the point where I can’t hide it,” Pride said in a statement. “It’s like everybody know my business, so I might as well put this shit into the world.”

According to the press release, ‘Painting Pictures’ takes a deep dive into Pride’s intrusive thoughts as his inner monologue contemplates survival. Throughout, the Mississippi newcomer’s lyrics carry a true-to-life feel, leaning into a state of self-reflection that feels relatable. Additionally, ‘Painting Pictures’ was produced by stunnamade (Hunxho) & GlobalKnockz (IceJJFish), and the latter directed the music video as well.”

The lyrics paint a frank, stark lifestory, while the video is very on-the-nose. Superstar Pride is surrounded by pictures, occasionally he’s framed himself, and in a couple of shots he’s actually painting.

See for yourself below.

Superstar Pride Paints Pictures: Superstar Pride’s “Painting Pictures” is out now.



Press bio:

“Cadarrius Pride, affectionately known as Superstar Pride, is an artist on the rise whose name is synonymous with the level of success he envisions for himself. He comes from a small town, moving from home to home, city to city at every opportunity for a better quality of life. Though it was hard to come by, Pride longed for stability. For as long as he can remember, he’s always been in survival mode: never truly coming to terms with the idea of being comfortable. For the most part, life has been one uphill battle for Pride, fighting his way through adversity as a rite of passage towards becoming a man. And in that, he’s not alone. But more importantly, he’s deliberately vulnerable about his growth, evidenced by the emphatic lyrics that complement his Southern drawl. Tracks like the October-released “Painting Pictures” further exploit this concept of self-reflection, amounting to a record that put Pride’s prowess as an emcee into perspective. The viral success of his new single resulted in Pride’s first-ever Billboard Hot 100 entry, debuting at No. 99 and peaking in the top 20 in less than a month.”





















































































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