Kanii Knows: Genre-blurring Washington DC R&B+ artist Kanii has released new single “I Know” via Warner Records.

The song seems to see Kanii in pain. “I fucked up girl, I know,” he sings in the refrain, lamenting the fact that he’s being ignored by his beau. The man clearly has some making up to do.

“The release, his first since signing with the label, is a gorgeous fusion of Jersey Club and alt-R&B,” reads the press release. “Incredibly innovative, ‘I Know’ picks up where Kanii’s previously viral heaters ‘companion’ and ‘attachment’ left off: with a wholly original, addictive sound.”

“Built around a simple and regretful refrain (‘I fucked up girl, I know’), Kanii’s banger has the sweep of a futuristic orchestra,” it continues. “The 17-year-old sings over thumping bass, choir samples, and dreamy synths. Instead of drowning in heartbreak, he learns from the painful experience and it shows. Kanii’s appeal is immediate: Jersey Club bass, effortless melodies, and a singular voice. The newcomer’s ability to conjure earworm melodies out of thin air is a direct result of his unapologetic originality and unharnessed talent.”

Kanii Knows: Kanii’s single “I Know” is out now.


Press bio:

“In his bedroom, Kanii learned how to turn his voice into magic. The 17-year-old artist and singer from Washington, D.C., who started out making music just feet from where he slept, spent his childhood dabbling in various recording software and capturing his preternaturally brilliant voice. With an alchemical combination of club rhythms, sticky pop melodies, and a post-everything approach to maximal electronic music, he’s already shown his brilliance to millions around the world. He’s had multiple songs on TikTok go viral, including 2022’s “Attachment,” which has more than 70,000 creates across multiple sounds and catapulted him from a word-of-mouth prospect to an artist major labels were fighting over. Masked Gorilla founder Roger Gengo loved “Attachment” and signed Kanii to his label, and now the singer/songwriter is ready to continue refining his craft. Kanii has a keen pop sense that nuzzles its way into each of his songs. That can be traced back to his childhood and growing up in a house full of music. A rich tradition of vocal excellence seeped into Kanii’s songwriting, updating the sounds of classic stars for the online era. Listening to his favorites, Kanii took the logical next step and asked himself: How can I do that? With Kanii’s forthcoming Masked Records/Warner Records debut, he wants to show how he’s grown as an artist in the past year. “I’m just better lyrically, melodically, and rhythmically than ever before. I’m just so excited with where I’m going,” he says.”
































































































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