It was a morning when L.A. really needed to have a good cop around. And lucky for us, there were three of them.

Last Friday about 10:19 a.m. a young man apparently distraught over a recent break-up walked to the middle of the intersection at Sunset and Vine streets in Hollywood and opened fire on passing motorists.

After walking up to the stopped Mercedes SL of entertainment executive John Atterberry …

Tyler Brehm fired off a reported three rounds, striking the man in his face and ultimately killing him.

Three others were injured in the attack, and several cars screeched off with bullets lodged in them.

According to an LAPD statement released today the three cops happened to be nearby when the 26-year-old Brehm went on his rampage. By shooting him, they probably saved lives, as the twentysomething from Pennsylvania didn't appear to be slowing down.

Cops say traffic Officer Kevin Cotter was off-duty, working a second job nearby, when he heard the shots. Reports stated he was working security for a movie set, a common side gig for LAPD badges.

Det. Craig Marquez and Hollywood Officer Travon Dixon happened to be driving in the area, on-duty, and responded too.

Cotter and Marquez told Brehm to drop it, but he pointed his gun at them instead, according to the LAPD's account. (Before that witnesses said he was yelling, “”Kill me … I'm gonna die!'').

The two opened fire, and Brehm was done. The three were honored today by the department and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

The LAPD recognized civilians who helped out:

Friday morning triggered a number of heroes including several civilians. Some ushered potential victims to safety while others recognized the danger and did whatever they could to keep innocent bystanders safe. Officers Solomon Patton (Field Supervisor), Michael Ayala and Michael Coogle from the Hollywood Business Improvement District also sprung into action and began to divert traffic away from shooter.

But the the most praise went to the police who opened fire. The department calls them “heroic:”

The actions of Officer Cotter and Detective Marquez exemplify the highest level of courage by police officers during extraordinary circumstances.

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