Breaking news! Stereogum reports that New York magazine has just named Brooklyn “the music capital” of America (or perhaps the world?–unclear). Grizzly Bear, MGMT, and The Dirty Projectors are on the cover, with the latter's “Stillness Is the Move” named the Number One most important song in that scene (and of our time, by implication). Quick–can you hum “Stillness Is the Move”? Thought so.

Hey Brooklyn! You know what? You might be the musical capital of Pitchforkland, but of fucking America? Have you been to the Eastside of LA recently? Downtown? The Smell? Have you heard of No Age or HEALTH or countless other vital bands that could kick your puny ass? As WCS operative 'Cado says, “Vampire Weekend is your current NYC rock and role model??? Really? Not the Velvet fucking Underground but a bunch of comm studies majors with a minor in American Apparel [ahem, from LA], one noodle-away from a permanent spot on JamBandFest?”

So, there. Beef is on. (Oh, and by the way, Snoop can still turn Hova out anytime. Death Row 4evah!)

(Video for THE BESTEST SONG OF OUR TIME NOBODY CAN REALLY REMEMBER OR HUM, according to a bunch of East Coast twits, after the jump.)

LA can do so, so much better than this:

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