Success Story of the brand, Luxury Watches Spain

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Luxury Watches Spain is run by two business partners who started their business in 2012 selling pre-owned brand-name luxury watches in Spain. Both guys have different personalities which allowed for powerful cohesion when they combined their skill sets. They try their best from the start to take over the watch game and they did it. They are one of the best advisers when it comes to buying a luxury timepiece, following years of experience buying and selling luxury watches of the best brands including Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet. Their love for the watch game is the major reason to start this business, and the transition from buying and selling gold seemed like a natural progression of the business.

They spend no time building trustworthy relations with their potential customer by just being loyal and true to what they sell. They were able to sell their watches very quickly and were recognised in the industry. After getting successful in the watches business, they invest heavily in their stock. They face countless challenges but manage to setbacks and take their business from 1 million euros to over 15 million euro turnover within a year. They face challenges when get started. They start their own business without having knowledge and expertise in the field. What only makes them start this business is their ultimate love for watches. Having no investors makes them suffer a little but they prefer to start with their little investment instead of letting participate an investor in their success.

They advise newbies to entrepreneurship and the business field to always work hard and get out of the race. Be the alone worrier. Let your business become your identity. People should know you by your business. Focus on that quality and make it your biggest commodity. They use their brand as an example. For example, if you own a preowned luxury watches brand.  Use your contacts where you can buy desirable watches at good prices, then middleman the deal to buyers. Likewise, if you have good clients who are looking to buy watches, you can find sellers who are willing to negotiate their prices. You don’t need to start with a fancy shop or a lot of stock, you can start with just the desire to do deals and make a quick commission here and there until you gain enough trust and clients to be able to take a deeper plunge into the business.

Overcome your fear and do it! Success is a mindset. Success is ultimately being able to enjoy the things in life which make you happy.  Their next goal is to become number 1 in the watches game in Spain. This is still a milestone. After completing this milestone, they’re planning to venture further afield into Asian and Middle Eastern markets.

One of thier top customers list includes:

Pooyan Mokhtari: The pop-culture Musician band.

Omar Montes: A very famous Spanish singer.

Joao Felix: A Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a forward for the Premier League club Chelsea. &

Cristian Tello: A Spanish professional footballer who plays as a forward or winger for Los Angeles FC in Major League Soccer.

Being real on their social media accounts and posting their daily life is what make them unique and stand out from the competition. They gain trust by being real. Their whole business has been based on being transparent with their client base. Their buying and selling prices are also extremely fair. We as a shop have overheads to cover and profit margins to make, but they offer to buy their stock at really good prices. They post the prices of each watch on their sales platforms. Click here to check out their social media platform.

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