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There are, as Clint Eastwood’s Man With No Name might say, two kinds of people in this world: those who have style and those who don’t. As fashion globally has become increasingly homogenized with the proliferation of stores such as The Gap and Banana Republic, and design, for the most part, has devolved into dreary retro reinventions, more than ever having style is about how you put it all together. And to help us illustrate that point, we sought out Angelenos who have that certain something, and photographed them wearing their own clothes.

VINCENT JACQUARD Photographed in West Hollywood
Interior designer Vincent Jacquard is wearing an Armani suit and coat with a Gap T-shirt, military-surplus motorcycle boots, glasses by Oliver Peoples and jewelry by Amal Guessous. “Style is consciousness. It’s about what you do and how you do it.” Vincent shops at Maxfield, The Gap, Banana Republic and California Surplus.

SUSAN MATHESON Photographed in the Hollywood Hills
Costume designer Susan Matheson is wearing a coat from a thrift store in Seattle, sweater by Cynthia Rowley, blouse by Bisou Bisou, skirt from The Gap, shoes from Miu Miu, handbag from Masaki Matsushima; necklace from a swap-meet store on Santa Monica Boulevard, hair clips from Lather, earrings from Barneys and a ring she bought in Jerusalem. “Before you go out the door, take one thing off and add something that doesn’t match. Style is the sense that the outfit just happened — it’s serendipitous, not too labored a look.” Susan browses at Harari, Kmart, Miu Miu, Wasteland, Jet Rag, Barneys, Target, Oilily and L.A. Eyeworks.


Art researcher Ellen Vinitsky is wearing silk pajamas with a vest from one of the tourist shops in Chinatown and a pair of Standard Brand boots. “Style is the external expression of ourselves — I like to dress for the mood I’m in and manifest a part of myself that’s more fantastical.” Ellen seeks out ethnic clothes in Chinatown, Little Tokyo and Artesia, as well as supporting local designers such as Monah Li and Alicia Lawhon.

Actor-dancer Tad Coughenour is wearing a Thierry Mugler jacket with a shirt from Today’s Man in New York, vintage wool tuxedo pants, and Aldo shoes. “I think the essence of style has more to do with personality than clothing. I follow a strict thrift-and-splurge mentality.” Tad mixes up vintage wear (much of it from his grandfather) with buys from Govinda’s, Desert Hills Outlet Mall, Jcrew.com and BananaRepublic.com.

Actor Juan Fernandez is wearing a jacket from Santee Alley, a Thierry Mugler shirt and tie, pants from the now-defunct Exit 1, garage-sale cuff links and two-tone shoes from Gorilla. “Keep it cheap and cheerful, but if you can’t keep it cheap, then shop in Paris.” Besides Paris, Juan adds to his wardrobe from thrift stores and Santee Alley.

CLAIRE DARROW and HEATHER ASHTON Photographed on the Sunset Strip

The Standard’s creative director, Claire Darrow (with her dog Jacques), is wearing a blouse by Atsuro Tayama, skirt by Katayone Adeli and shoes from Miu Miu. “You’re born with a sense of style, but it becomes more sophisticated — you reinvent yourself as you get older. I’ve been dressing the same since first grade but updating it every year.” Claire checks out Miu Miu, Diavolina, Barneys and Naked.

Heather Ashton, assistant creative director of the Standard, is wearing a dress by Commes des Garcons and shoes from Calvin Klein. “Style is my philosophy and fashion is my mood.” Heather looks to buy at Decades, American Rag, Madison, Diavolina and Fred Segal.

ELAYNE JORDAN Photographed at the Pacific Design Center
Elayne Jordan, owner of the Elayne Jordan Collection at the Pacific Design Center, is wearing a jacket and pants from a London boutique, a coat from a shop in Italy and shoes by Donald Pliner. “Style is an expression of a person’s views of the world through their eyes.” Elayne frequently travels to Europe, where she finds classic clothes in boutiques; closer to home, she peruses Maxfield.

PIGPEN and CHELSEA IOVINO Photographed in Angelino Heights

Scenic artist PigPen is wearing a shirt from Jet Rag, pants from Mister Leather, a T-shirt from Rite Aid, boots from Red Wing, a necklace by Europa and a necklace by Stormie, a ring from New York Adorned and earrings from a store on Castro Street in San Francisco. “Either you’ve got style or you don’t, and I wish everyone had it!” PigPen and Chelsea do their major shopping in New York boutiques, with forays to local faves such as Fred Segal and Uncle Jer’s, as well as Target, Kmart and thrift stores.

Chelsea Iovino, MOCA store manager and jewelry buyer, is wearing a blouse from one of the tourist stores in Chinatown, a camisole from Nordstrom, a skirt from Govinda’s, shoes from Miu Miu, a bracelet by Stormie, a necklace from Uncle Jer’s, rings by Sonnie’s and earrings by Elena Solow. “Style is not worrying about how you look. It’s about wearing what you want to wear and having fun.”

Photograph By Vera Hartmann

Style Council: Old School Meets New
Grand Star owner Frank Quon with Firecracker regulars Glenda Dela Rosa, Jasmine Lindquist, Shakespeare and Wood-Wrecka. Photographed in Chinatown

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