It's one of the most sought-after solutions on the Internet and there are a myriad pills, shots, creams and creepy devices all claiming to provide the same result.


Whether you want to admit it or not, penis size matters to many of us. Social constructions teach us that a thicker, longer penis is a more talented penis — even though doctors warn us that our obsession with dick size is most often all in our heads.

But we're also warned that many of these bizarre “herbal” concoctions could do more harm than good, raising heart rate and giving jittery side effects that aren't exactly sexy. So how on earth do we go about girthing up our cocks without risking some sort of cardiac arrest and an unsatisfied partner?

Well thank goodness for Korea University, where a group of researchers have discovered that they can inject the penis with the same filler women squeeze into their foreheads when the natural aging process gets in their way.

Apparently injections of hyaluronic acid filler can increase girth when applied to the deep soft tissue in a “back-and-forth” technique and “homogenized with a roller.” Yum.

The results were recently published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine and revealed that, after testing the technique with 50 men, the average circumference boost was 4 cm. That's pretty significant.

Unnecessary improvements aren't just for the ladies...

Unnecessary improvements aren't just for the ladies…

What's more interesting is the study also surveyed the subjects' partners, keeping track of their satisfaction levels. After 18 months of “treatment” the average fulfillment rating went up to 3.3 out of 4. (4 being “holy shit I'm satisfied.”)

But before you pick up the phone and call the closest plastic surgeon, keep in mind that this goop is shot into the penis using large needles (not comfortable) and the process is an arduous and expensive one.

Granted it's less invasive and (possibly) more affordable than other penis enlargement surgeries, but if any of these procedures still sound appealing to you, you might want to reevaluate your motives.

And read this article to see that your penis is likely perfectly normal and capable of making all kinds of moans, screams and squirts happen.

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